Beer sandwich bread.

Beer sandwich bread.

Back to blog work again after a while, I had a lot to do and I started again my bike training so time is always less than I need to do everything I want.

I’m back with a recipe dedicated to the good season, to spring and summer, to pic- nics and week end trips.

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich after a walk into the nature, an open air football (rugby, basketball…) match?

And a good sandwich needs a good bread.

Why not a beer based bread?

Booze vanish with baking so it’s suitable for children too.

I created this for a parnership with an Italian online beer shop called ” Cantina della Birra“, I loved it a lot and hubby too, it’s so unusual for him truly enjoy what I cook…

He always has something to say about :twisted:, but not this time.

He loved this bread sliced and toasted, with ham and cheese, I say it’s good with grilled chicken, medium aged cheeses, avocado sauce and, of course, a fresh pint of beer.

I used a bohemian Pils for this bread, it pairs perfectly with the taste of flour, of yeast and of butter.

You can use either a Pils or a Lager with white flour, while with whole flour I prefer darker and richer beers like stouts.

Let’s come to the recipe, really easy and pretty quick for a bread.

This small loaf is for about six- eight sandwiches.

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Beer sandwich bread.
  1. Sift flour with dry yeast, add beer little by little. When you have a dough add sugar, then butter and at salt at last. Knead until you have a smooth loaf.
  2. Let it rise covered until it doubles, then knead a little and make two folds. Cover and wait 15 minutes then rotate the dough 90° on your right and fold again. do it for four times, always rotating the same direction and waiting 15 minutes before making a new fold.
  3. Put the loaf in a long and thin mould, keeping the fold down; brush with milk and spinle with seeds. Let it rest about 30 minutes then bake for about 40-45 minutes in already hot oven (put inside a small recipient with water). Wait until cold to slice it.


Beer sandwich bread.

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