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La Mora Romagnola

Easter loaf from Sarsina.

Pagnotta di Pasqua di Sarsina.

Sarsina is a small village on the Appenines between Forlì and Cesena.

It’s “famous” because in the local cathedral guards a special collar, owned by Saint Vicinio.

He was used to wear it with a heavy stone while praying as form of penance.

It’s believed this collar can free possessed people from the devil and from every evil ( as seen as health problems).

Genovese meat sauce.

Pasta con sugo genovese.

Hi all!

Are you safe at home?

I hope so.

We are still home, for sure nothing will change until after Easter.

The days are filled with online lessons, homebrewing, cooking, rugby training in the garden ( we are lucky enough to have this chance).

I had no time to add posts in the last few days but I still have recipes to share with you!

This one is a real hit, it’s called Genovese but it’s a traditional recipe from Neaples.