My love for food started years ago, when I used to wait for my parents to go out to bake cakes ( rigorously without following a recipe).

This way good results came quite a lot later but steadiness pays out and since 2006 I started sharing my cooking successes online.

I am the only one behind the cooking, the writing and the photography, sometimes it’s hard finding time for all this but this blog keeps me alive and happy to be and at the end I always return on these pages.

What is my cooking philosophy?

Trying to cook with fresh, seasonal and, if possible, local ingredients but with no drama or anxiety: no one ever died for some frozen spinach!

I love my country food, I am Italian and proud to be, but I am open to all the food in the world, no matter how far.

I entered a thailandese kitchen to ask the cook a recipe, I ordered mysterious food from a menu written in Japanese in Motobu, I stalked an English chef for the best scone recipe.

The love for food beats my shyness!

What do I deeply love?

My son, my hubby, beer, coffee and chocolate.

What  can’t I really stand?

Hot weather, green beans, frogs ( no, really, I have such a phobia!).

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