Mango sauce for nachos, grilled chicken and grilled fish.

Salsa di mango per pollo, pesce e nachos.

We are back from holidays and we yet don’t feel like we have ever been.

Lot of work, lot of rush; after month without a home fitness chance I decided to give in with gym: five days a week of course or it doesn’t work.


I didin’t have the chance to cook a lot after our return, only a dessert for a family meal last sunday.

I took the recipe from a magazine and it turned out… AWFUL.

Texas caviar.

Texas caviar.

Yesterday I had my parents in law and my sister in law plus family at home for lunch.

So happy because nothing beats the joy of cooking, cooking, cooking then eat all together!

As always in these occasions I try to to test the more new recipes I can: it was quite hot on Friday ( about 104° F) but I kept the oven on the whole afternoon and produced a mint/ eggplant plum cake, a pecan pie and a chocolate cheesecake.