Pistachio and chocolate marbled bundt cake.

Pistachio and chocolate marbled bundt cake.

My son called in sick two weeks ago, hubby got sick the Whole last week and now…

Guess who is 102°F and more now?

Yes, you’re right, it’s my glory moment.

I spent two days in bed, with an awful headache I couldn’t even stand up and it’s pretty unusual for me.

Luckly today I’ m ok enough to stay on the sofa so I give a try with blog and posts.

I have some recipes awaiting for your attention! 🙂


Piadina romagnola, authentic recipe.

Piadina romagnola.

I’m spending a week end at home.

Not unusual but this week end is harder than usual as hubby is sick.

By sick I mean very sick and you know how men deal with flu, cold and bellyache.

All I’m cooking at the moment is white rice and lemon tea but as son is playing Xbox after homeworks and I washed all his rugby apparel then washed the washing machine because of sand and ground I have time enough to write on blog and when I have time for it I feel blessed because I really like it.


Spanish churros.

Spanish churros.

Do you know Paul Hollywood’s tv serie ” City bakes“?

I didn’t until the last flu of my son; he was sick and he wanted to see tv with me in bed.

We were watching Food Network and Paul appeared, walking around a beautiful city, entering bakeries and tasting bread, sweets and pastries.

I love Paul Holliwood a lot, I did some of his recipes like the Guinness cupcakes and this walnut cake from one of his books, even the soda bread, one of the first posts on this blog, comes from him: everything I did turned out so amazing, recipes from books are perfect ( it should be granted when when we speak of cooking book but I can assure you it’s not, mistakes and typo that change the sense of the recipe are so common even if I have to say UK books are usually pretty accurate, expecially compared to Italian ones).


Chocolate lava cakes.


Hearts, red roses, teddy bears in every shop’s window?

Have you seen them?

Yes, it’s that moment of the year again, St. Valentine is coming, brace yourself!

St. Valentine is not a day I use to celebrate, I’m not interested in flowers, presents, jewels…

If hubby wants me happy he can bring me out to try a new restaurant but he can do it always, not only on 14 February! 😀


Spinach savoury crumble.

Spinach savoury crumble.

Back with a very nice recipe, pretty useful for your weeknight meals.

It’s easy, quick and also have a sophisticated flair if served into a nice oven plate.

It’s a side dish but if you are like me and you could eat tonz of spinach in a single meal you can also have it as single course.

I did it for a recipe exchange with my Italian blogger fellows Bloggalline, the iriginal recipe is with summer vegetables ( bell peppers, courgettes…) but as usual I love to modify the recipe I take inspiration from because I don’t like to fill the web with copycat recipes.


Beer toffee.

Beer toffee

Hi everybody,

I’m here again to share with you a recipe I made for an Italian online beer shop: the Italian version of the recipe is on their blog but as always I want to be sure my English speaking readers can read it.

Beer toffees are a very very tasty treat and they are also really easy to make, just follow my directions!

For this recipe I used a Belgian Ale called Père Noël from De Ranke brewing but you can use the beer you like the most.

I come from a long week of (my son’s) flu: this year flu hits pretty hard, he starded on monday evening with temperature and only ended on saturday; now he is weak and not energetic as usual, I don’t know how will he survive the next whole week of school. 🙁


Salty Lady’s Kisses ( salty almond sandwich cookies).

Salty Lady's Kisses ( salty almond sandwich cookies).

Back to the usual routine after Christmas: no, no, no.

I don’t want to come back to work, do you?

I don’t want to start dieting again, I don’t want to start biking again, I want to keep on waking up at 10 a.m., having fun at restaurants, receiving nice things for the new home. 😛

How did you spend your holidays?

Did you make and receive nice gift?

I mainly received beer, wine and linen for the new home plus lot of joy for being with all my beloved ones.


Onion and raisin compote.

Onion and raisin compote.

Hi everyone,

this is my “middle holidays” post, it has been writen earlier as at the moment I’m probably laying on a sofa claiming I’ve eaten too much.

But I had to give you this recipe as it’s perfect for a cheese platem with boiled meat or grilled white meat; don’t you have at least one of these on your New year’s Eve’s table?

You can give it as a present too if you still have to make some presents.

Any New Year’s resolutions out there?


Milk brûlé, typical dessert from Romagna.

Milk brûlé, typical dessert from Romagna.

You all know recipes like crème brûlée or creme caramel or panna cotta.

The pudding I’m introducing you today is a close relative of those dessert but it’s only made of yolks, sugar and fresh whole milk.

It’s a very old (can I say ancient?) recipe from Romagna region, it has a long tradition among farmer’s families but it makes a wonderful appearance on the most lushious tables, expecially for Christmas.


Baked pumpking with blue cheese, rosemary and hazelnut crumble.

Baked pumpking with blue cheese, rosemary and hazelnut crumble.

Back again with a recipe, so long but time runs, tasks are stockpiling, holidays are too near as I didn’t think of almost a single present.

No Christmas tree on, I forgot the advent calendar for my young boy…

I’m not feeling the Christmas spirit this year, not at all not because I’m somehow sad but because I have no time for it. 🙁

To write a single post I need at least a week, dropping a phrase or two at time, then there is something I cannot avoid to do.