Italian All Souls’day almond cookies.

Fave dei morti, biscotti romagnoli alle mandorle.

Thanks to a Whatsapp chat with my friends about cookies the fact Halloween and All souls’ day are near came up to my mind.

Usually I try to post something Halloween related as I love this feast and its traditions.

This year I decided to keep it linked to Italian traditions ( we feel the All Souls’ day pretty much and we have many dishes, sweets, habits related to it) and I want to share with you those cookies, called in Italy “fave dei morti” that means something like Deaths’ fava beans.

Frijoles Charros.

Frijoles Charros, i fagioli dei cowboy.

Back again with the last recipe left from my Tex- Mex lunch I made some months ago: frijoles charros.

I took the recipe from a book ( in Italian) written by a Texas girl living in Italy.

These are the beans eaten by cowboys, very far from the Italian food but we too have similar bean recipes, I think I should post some of them!

Beans are like flatbread: you can find local versions everywhere in the world!

Spicy Soy- Bourbon Shrimp.

Gamberi piccanti alla salsa di soia e Bourbon.

October is here, it brought first chill, with first chill cold arrived.

If, until last year, a simple cold was just an annoying thing now everything must stand still until the doctors give their ok to the normal social living.

Luckly we got this ok so, even if we’re not going around spreading cold, we at least can avoid long isolation.