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Sponge cake, traditional recipe for a soft and perfect cake.

Pan di spagna, ricetta tradizionale per un pan di spagna alto e soffice.

We are fast approaching to a new Easter with restrictions.

This year, maybe more than the last one, we really need to think about something different from Covid and red zones; for me the natural distraction is cooking/ baking so here we are.

Last week end hubby came with something different from ” cook and bake whatever you like, it’s up to you” and made a specific request.

Layered coffee bavarois, a very elegant but easy dessert.

Layered coffee bavarois, a very elegant but easy dessert.

Springtime is here!

Well, for sure we will have many more freezing days haead but at the moment the sun shines, the weather is warm, daisies are everywhere.

Such a great time and we are closed home, again locked down except for work, school and grocery shopping.

Well, I can’t complain too much; I won’t complain too much as there are far worse situations everywhere in the world.

This is a great moment to try new creamy, fresh desserts: I had some gelatine from the last hubby’s brewing and I decided to use it to make a bavarois.

Erbazzone dolce – sweet spinach cake.

Erbazzone dolce

Are you ready for another baking season?

Have you already turned the oven on?

Ok maybe it’s a little hearlier, here at least, where the temperatures are high again after a couple of rainy days.

But I want to be optimistic this year ( yes, my year starts in September, no matter what the calendar says!) : I want to be optimist about the school’s reopening, about the diet, about all this pandemic thing.