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Erbazzone dolce – sweet spinach cake.

Erbazzone dolce

Are you ready for another baking season?

Have you already turned the oven on?

Ok maybe it’s a little hearlier, here at least, where the temperatures are high again after a couple of rainy days.

But I want to be optimistic this year ( yes, my year starts in September, no matter what the calendar says!) : I want to be optimist about the school’s reopening, about the diet, about all this pandemic thing.

Beer banana bread.

Banana bread alla birra.

Another day another recipe!!

So easy when you have nothing more to do than cooking and posting!

I am trying some recipes I had in my bucket list for years, I am just a little bit lazy and the pics are taken in a rush.

I have also make some nice first courses but how can you take pics of a hot dish of pasta?