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Beer banana bread.

Banana bread alla birra.

Another day another recipe!!

So easy when you have nothing more to do than cooking and posting!

I am trying some recipes I had in my bucket list for years, I am just a little bit lazy and the pics are taken in a rush.

I have also make some nice first courses but how can you take pics of a hot dish of pasta?

Irish steamed cake.

Torta irlandese cotta al vapore.

We are starting another week of quarantine.

This time we will be closed too and we will not allowed to even have a walk around alone if not very near home.

It will be very, very hars and hard because hubby and son aren’t made to be alone without anything to do but we will manage, I am sure.

I cooked and baked a lot in the past days but, as we and hubby share the laptop, I had no chance to keep it long enough to write a double post.

I am trying to do it now, I start with the recipe of a lovely, easy, tasty cake cooked bain marie which make the cake very moist.

It comes from this book:

I don’t own this, I would like to buy it but Amazon ( and it’s a good thing!) don’t send anything which is not ” vital” ( from pantry to office supplies or cellphone chargers) anymore.

I will buy it when all this will be over.

So how do I reached this recipe?

Walnut and maple syrup cheesecake.

Walnut and maple syrup cheesecake.

Ready, steady, go!

New month, new post; my new bullet journal routine helps me a lot keeping track of all my posts on the blog/ socials and this routine says it’s time for a new post here.

Luckly I have a brand new recipe to post, from a small book I bought on Amazon, first hand but very cheap.

I discovered later it is the translation of a book about cheesecake written by an American chef called George Geary.

Texas pecan pie.

Torta di noci pecan.

It’s saturday, yay!!

I am so happy and we have to consider this week, speaking of work, started on tuesday…

The return to work as been hard and I had a bonus with Lorenzo’s big cough which brought us on the sofa for four nights sleeping very little and coughing a lot.

I hope this cough is coming to a end BECAUSE I NEED A FULL SLEEP IN MY BED!

French- style apple tart.

Torta di mele francese.

French – style apple tart is a tart I did few months ago and I still have to publish.

This is the right moment to do so as I am alone at home with all the comforts: Christmas tree on, new laptop, Pandoro ( traditional raised Christmas sweet) on the table.

Recipe comes from “ Pies & puds” from Paul Hollywood, I must say I am not a frangipane cream fan but if you love it this tart is for you!