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Texas pecan pie.

Torta di noci pecan.

It’s saturday, yay!!

I am so happy and we have to consider this week, speaking of work, started on tuesday…

The return to work as been hard and I had a bonus with Lorenzo’s big cough which brought us on the sofa for four nights sleeping very little and coughing a lot.

I hope this cough is coming to a end BECAUSE I NEED A FULL SLEEP IN MY BED!

French- style apple tart.

Torta di mele francese.

French – style apple tart is a tart I did few months ago and I still have to publish.

This is the right moment to do so as I am alone at home with all the comforts: Christmas tree on, new laptop, Pandoro ( traditional raised Christmas sweet) on the table.

Recipe comes from “ Pies & puds” from Paul Hollywood, I must say I am not a frangipane cream fan but if you love it this tart is for you!

Kinuskikaka, Swedish caramel cake.

Kinuskikaka, torta svedese al caramello.

I put my hands on I book I was craving for years:

I jiggled when the postman came, saying loudly ” This is the book about fika I was waiting!”.

I was at work with my husband and a seller he was talking with.

Unluckly fika in Italian means pussy ( that pussy!) so you can imagine me running into explanations about what fika is for Swedish people. 😀