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Pistachio and chocolate marbled bundt cake.

Pistachio and chocolate marbled bundt cake.

My son called in sick two weeks ago, hubby got sick the Whole last week and now…

Guess who is 102°F and more now?

Yes, you’re right, it’s my glory moment.

I spent two days in bed, with an awful headache I couldn’t even stand up and it’s pretty unusual for me.

Luckly today I’ m ok enough to stay on the sofa so I give a try with blog and posts.

I have some recipes awaiting for your attention! 🙂

Chocolate lava cakes.


Hearts, red roses, teddy bears in every shop’s window?

Have you seen them?

Yes, it’s that moment of the year again, St. Valentine is coming, brace yourself!

St. Valentine is not a day I use to celebrate, I’m not interested in flowers, presents, jewels…

If hubby wants me happy he can bring me out to try a new restaurant but he can do it always, not only on 14 February! 😀

Milk brûlé, typical dessert from Romagna.

Milk brûlé, typical dessert from Romagna.

You all know recipes like crème brûlée or creme caramel or panna cotta.

The pudding I’m introducing you today is a close relative of those dessert but it’s only made of yolks, sugar and fresh whole milk.

It’s a very old (can I say ancient?) recipe from Romagna region, it has a long tradition among farmer’s families but it makes a wonderful appearance on the most lushious tables, expecially for Christmas.

Pinza bolognese, traditional bolognese cake with jam.

Pinza bolognese, traditional bolognese cake with jam.

I’m really pleased to introduce you this cake, “ pinza bolognese“, this is my dad’s favourite dessert, is really simple and cheap, it comes from a very old tradition (first quote about this cake was in 1644).

In Italy we have a special name for this kind of cakes: “torte da credenza”.

It means “cupboard cakes” and includes all the cakes which last for days without the need of a refrigerator; it means cakes with no creams or custards, unmoist plum- cakes and bundts, ring shaped cakes.

Devil’s food cake, the perfect chocolate cake.

Devil's food cake

I’m on a diet and I keep posting dessert.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

Truth is I had the chance to make a couple of nice cakes because some weeks ago it was my birthday and I celebrated it with the family.

I also had the possibility to take nice (but not perfect) pics of some other recipes you’ll see soon on blog; I have material to work on, WOOT WOOT!!

I post this great recipe now because I wanted to write something about Halloween parties and recipes: it’s that time of the year and I love Halloween so much!!