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Spicy Soy- Bourbon Shrimp.

Gamberi piccanti alla salsa di soia e Bourbon.

October is here, it brought first chill, with first chill cold arrived.

If, until last year, a simple cold was just an annoying thing now everything must stand still until the doctors give their ok to the normal social living.

Luckly we got this ok so, even if we’re not going around spreading cold, we at least can avoid long isolation.

” Texas red”, meat chili.

Chili con carne, ricetta del " Texas red".

Today is a most important day: today, after more than 6 months, children in Italy are back to schools.

This is a special moment, full of emotions, from joy to fear.

I must say Lorenzo’s school did all the possible things to make up a perfect year for teachers and students, we are really lucky because I know it’s not the same everywhere.

While my son is at a friend’s home and later they will go together to rugby practice I can find a moment to write a new post.

Homemade paneer ( indian cheese).

Paneer, formaggio indiano fatto in casa.

I’m working again on my project about the world trip in 80 piadina turnovers.

It had a long stop because as usual I have so many things to do and so many things to post but now I found the time to study new countries and new fillings and soon I will posts the recipes.

I wanted to make an Italian turnover, nothing new, I did the most classic one, called ” cassone rosso” or ” red turnover”: it’s filled with tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese.

It reminds you of something? 😀

Bacon & egg pie.

Pie inglese uova e pancetta.

I am back in this first day of autumn.

Autumn which is arrived properly: light rain, orange leaves, cold weather good to wear a jacket.

I am so happy with this season!

Unluckly the time for blog is still non- existent and because of it I set aside the long post with travel suggestions and only rush for recipe ones because I have so many to post and because they are quicker to write.

Fish soup Romagna style.

Fish soup Romagna style.

It’s friday, hubby is out helping his father buying a new sofa, son is at a friend’s home.

I am home ALONE and I swear I’m not going to do anything but writing a new post with a tea cup by my side and fox crime on tv.

Pure blessing.

Since we moved we usually have a walk at the local market on saturday morning; there we can find very fresh fish and, as we are still on a diet, fish become our ” week end cheat”.

I’m learning how to cook it properly and it’s not difficult at all if the fish you use is fresh and high quality.

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