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Cuttlefish and peas with tomato sauce.


After many months the Bloggalline recipe exchange is back, as usual I have to say it’s an exchange made between Italian bloggers so you may not be interested into blogs writen in Italian but as usual I share with you the recipe I’ve chosen from my paired fellow blogger.

This month I’m paired with Chiara, she comes from Trentino but she is now based in Romagna so we share a lot and we also met in the past during a foodphotography class.

She has a lot of recipes from Austria/ Germany and Trentino on her blog, recipes I usually love a lot so I was almost sure about choosing one of them but then I saw the recipe of cuttlefish and peas in tomato sauce and I changed my mind in a flash.

Chicken roll with artichokes cream and lemony and mint chickpea’s purée.

Chicken roll with artichokes cream and lemony and mint chickpea's purée.

With this recipe I’m entering a contest about picnic food ideas “in a jar”.

It’s almost spring and it’s the perfect contest to work on!

I’m not posting link and brands here as everything is in Italian but I want to share with you my recipe anyway.

This way I also improve my skills with this new recipe plugin: I have to say I hate it quite a lot. -.-

The hard truth is, after I almost splitted all my post in Itlian and English page, each with its own recipe card, I have to change all of these cards with another kind of plugin.

Irish stout beef stew.

Stufato irlandese alla birra stout/ Irish stout beef stew.


It’s really really cold outside, of course it’s ok, it’s the coldest part of winter here and I also love cold weather.

I also love the nordic concept of “hygge“, the good feeling of staying together with loved ones, spending quality time at home or in cozy places.

I think a hot, slow cooked stew is very “hygge” so I’m going to share this classic Irish recipe made with stout beer with you.

Chicken satay.

Chicken satay.

 This chicken is delicious, a masterpiece of Thai kitchen.

If I may say so, thanks to a recipe I received from an American girl with Thai origins I met years ago on the web, my satay chicken is very close to the one you can taste in Thailand.

The ingredient’s list seems very long but don’t worry: the longest part of the recipe is the marinade time.

I only pity the decision to take pictures of this yellowish recipe on a blue dish: shame on me I’ve been so silly!!