Cuttlefish and peas with tomato sauce.


After many months the Bloggalline recipe exchange is back, as usual I have to say it’s an exchange made between Italian bloggers so you may not be interested into blogs writen in Italian but as usual I share with you the recipe I’ve chosen from my paired fellow blogger.

This month I’m paired with Chiara, she comes from Trentino but she is now based in Romagna so we share a lot and we also met in the past during a foodphotography class.

She has a lot of recipes from Austria/ Germany and Trentino on her blog, recipes I usually love a lot so I was almost sure about choosing one of them but then I saw the recipe of cuttlefish and peas in tomato sauce and I changed my mind in a flash.

You have to know that cuttlefish and peas in tomato sauce is a pure comfort food in Romagna, expecially during the long winter evenings.

My husband loves it so much, it remembers him of his childhood and it’s also quite light if you don’t be too abundant with oil and it’s a perfect week meal you can make it few hours in advance.

We need light recipes as my husband’s cyclette is broken, we are waiting for a part, it comes from I don’t know where but it’s three weeks in a row he cannot train so he is eating even lighter than usual.

Maybe soon this will become a Breatharian recipes blog. 😛

Strangerly, even we are in this strict diet moment, I have tons of new recipes to post, it’s because I celebrated my birthday at the end of Semptember with a nice family lunch and… 

I took pictures of every dish we ate, using the outdoor table of my mum, my sister as a light panel supporter, son as props finder. 😀

Now it’ up to you what I’ll post next: gnudi (Tuscan spinach and ricotta gnocchi), honey cherry tomatoes, pinza ( traditional Bolognese cupboard cake), kale chips (or crunchy bat wings, Halloween is near, remember)?

Uhm I have to make a survey on the Facebook page!!

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Cuttlefish and peas with tomato sauce.
  1. Cut cuttlefish in strips, all the same size. Heat a pan with oil and garlic, then add cuttlefish.
  2. Stirfry for a minute, add parsley then wine, when it's evaporated add peas, sautee for another minute then add tomato sauce.
  3. Let the cuttlefish boil gently in the sauce for about one hour. Adjust salt and pepper or chili if you like.
  4. Serve it hot.

Cuttlefish and peas with tomato sauce.


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