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Ricotta cheese and lemon soft cookies.

Ricotta cheese and lemon soft cookies.

My new project about posting foodie/ beery/ children holiday tour requests a lot of efforts and time from me.

It’s ok, I love this project plus in summer I don’t have the willing to cook a lot because I can’t stand hot weather ( I must be honest, at the moment we had a merciful weather, not that hot), anyway I really have to share these ricotta cheese and lemon soft cookies with you because they are so simply, light, tasty it would be a crime not to share.

Za’leti, typical Venetian cornmeal cookies.

Za'leti, typical Venetian cornmeal cookies.


I spent a lot of time baking lately.

I will never be able to make all the baking recipes I have on my many, many books but at least I can give a try with the recipes I find on cookbooks I receive from lovely friends! πŸ™‚

I have a dear friend near Venice, she is called Sara and she is such a strong but delicate human being; few years ago she sent me an illustrated cookbook about Venetian cooking, filled with traditional recipes and anecdotes and watercolors designs, I really wanted to do something taken from this book.

Lemon squares.

Lemon squares

So I started cooking again, it seems.

It’s true and only now I feel how much I missed it.

How long since the last time I tried a recipe from one of my books?

Don’t even remember but here we are with a new entry from a book called ” Una merenda a New York” ( a snack in New York) by Marc Grossman.

Easy coffee cookies.

Easy coffee cookies.

Still alive and kicking, even if you won’t say that after all this time.

Now I am in the new home, the new home is beautiful and lovely and I have so much to do I cannot rest in it enjoying it. πŸ™

No complaints, that’s life and I am fully living it but I’m looking forward to a little time for myself only.

I had to know my new appliances, working with a new oven is an adventure.

I baked and cooked almost only tested things to I had the chance to compare and adjust.