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Lemon squares.

Lemon squares

So I started cooking again, it seems.

It’s true and only now I feel how much I missed it.

How long since the last time I tried a recipe from one of my books?

Don’t even remember but here we are with a new entry from a book called ” Una merenda a New York” ( a snack in New York) by Marc Grossman.

Easy coffee cookies.

Easy coffee cookies.

Still alive and kicking, even if you won’t say that after all this time.

Now I am in the new home, the new home is beautiful and lovely and I have so much to do I cannot rest in it enjoying it. 🙁

No complaints, that’s life and I am fully living it but I’m looking forward to a little time for myself only.

I had to know my new appliances, working with a new oven is an adventure.

I baked and cooked almost only tested things to I had the chance to compare and adjust.

Orange flavoured yogurt pancakes.

Orange flavoured yogurt pancakes.

I’m back again, not so long from the last time after all!

We are still working on the new house or, at least, bricklayers are; this means a lot of time taking measures, discussing, planning, changing plans.

We would like to move before Christmas, I think, instead, we will pass Christmas moving.

Anyway I’m here again with, guess what?

A recipe!

Almost unusual for this blog, uh? 🙂

Dark chocolate brownies.

Dark chocolate brownies.

At the moment I have my Facebook feed filled with post about how to recycle chocolate from chocolate Easter eggs.

Don’t know how it is as here chocolate, as it appears, disappears.

True magic, really.

On the other hand I feel the urge to help all the people out there dealing with this ” big problem” so today I’m going to post a dark chocolate brownies recipe; brownies are always the win- win of the desserts: easy, quick, everyone likes them, you can make them a little in advance and even freeze them if there are leftovers ( does it ever happen?).

Of course online you can find about a billion brownie recipe, I also have about une hundred on my books but few weeks ago I found a random video on Facebook, I watched it and I decided to give that recipe a try.

This is the video: