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Spanish churros.

Spanish churros.

Do you know Paul Hollywood’s tv serie ” City bakes“?

I didn’t until the last flu of my son; he was sick and he wanted to see tv with me in bed.

We were watching Food Network and Paul appeared, walking around a beautiful city, entering bakeries and tasting bread, sweets and pastries.

I love Paul Holliwood a lot, I did some of his recipes like the Guinness cupcakes and this walnut cake from one of his books, even the soda bread, one of the first posts on this blog, comes from him: everything I did turned out so amazing, recipes from books are perfect ( it should be granted when when we speak of cooking book but I can assure you it’s not, mistakes and typo that change the sense of the recipe are so common even if I have to say UK books are usually pretty accurate, expecially compared to Italian ones).

Beer toffee.

Beer toffee

Hi everybody,

I’m here again to share with you a recipe I made for an Italian online beer shop: the Italian version of the recipe is on their blog but as always I want to be sure my English speaking readers can read it.

Beer toffees are a very very tasty treat and they are also really easy to make, just follow my directions!

For this recipe I used a Belgian Ale called Père Noël from De Ranke brewing but you can use the beer you like the most.

I come from a long week of (my son’s) flu: this year flu hits pretty hard, he starded on monday evening with temperature and only ended on saturday; now he is weak and not energetic as usual, I don’t know how will he survive the next whole week of school. 🙁

Vegan cookies with soy cream.

Vegan cookies with soy cream.

Back again, this time with a Christmas present for you all: a cookie recipe, vegan but delicious, only four ingredients.

In this moment of the year baking is, for many, more than a pleasure, it’s part of tradition.

Everyone deserves a good cookie at Christmas so here you are the perfect customizable recipe for everyone, vegan or not.

Why customizable?

Quick gluten- free chocolate dessert.

Quick gluten- free chocolate dessert.

I made this recipe using a ready made gluten- free brisée dough from Buitoni, a famous Italian food brand.

It was a sponsored post as I sometimes work with brands.

Cookies you see are made with that brisée, you just have to take your favourite brisée or puff pastry (gluten- free) and use that.

Chocolate cream is so quick and easy you can make it whenever you need a treat, no matter if you’re celiac.

Sweet and salty peanut biscuits.

Sweet and salty peanut biscuits.

We had a lovely saturday with Lorenzo’s classmates and their parents: scavenger hunt, lunch in the country, chats and laughs.

At home I worked hard because I had no time to housekeeping douring the week; now I’m on the sofa, watching Dexter ( I know, not a new serie but I have to recover some good series from the past) and I have the time to work on this post for tomorrow and thinking about a gluten- free recipe I have to do for a partnership.

Nigella Lawson never miss a hit we can say.

This recipe comes from “ How to be a domestic goddess“, it’s so easy you can make it with children too and those sweet and salty peanut biscuits can stay crisp for days in an airtight box.