Easy maple syrup candies.

Caramelle facili allo sciroppo d'acero.

Seen these easy maple syrup candies on the beautiful blog of an American colleague, Beth from Binky’s culinary carnival.

The maple leaf shape was so beautiful I had to give a try!

Finding the maple leaf mould here wasn’t easy at all as they’re not a thing in Italy but I managed to find one online; it’s very thin, maybe more for sugar paste than candy but the result has been great anyway!

I also had some leftover maple syrup in the fridge and I gladly got rid of it as I seldom use it, even if I’m a great pancake eater: I love them “naked”!

Beth says in her recipe to be careful and use only real maple syrup, not imitation: in Italy imitations are not available so it wasn’t a problem of mine but I share with you this precious hint.

I also want to advice you you will need a cooking thermometer to check sugar’s temperature.

Here we go with the recipe: I know seo would love a loooong intro, long random rants to keep you on the page as long as possible but it’s not my style, really!

Easy maple syrup candies.

Servings: 8


  • 1 cup maple syrup
  • 1/2 tbsp butter ( salted or unsalted, I used salted)
  • some oil or grease to oil the mould


  • Lightly grease the leaf mould
  • Put the maple syrup in a big pan, it will bubble heavily and could exit the pan.
    Turn on the fire until it bubble, add butter and mix very well.
  • Control with a thermometer the temperature, it should be very close to 115°C/240°F.
    At that point remove from heat and mix vigorously until the caramel turns opaque and looses the shine.
  • Quickly pour it into the moulds and let the candies harden.
  • The tricky part of this recipe is understanding when it's time to pour the caramel: if too little mixing the candies will not harden, too much mixing and it will harden too fast.
    In this case just put the caramel on fire again and restart the procedure.
  • You can keep the candies stored into a metal box.

Pic from https://www.offthegridnews.com/

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