Bigilla, Maltese fava bean puree.

Bigilla, Maltese fava bean puree.

Hi all!

As you see I’m deep into cooking experiments at the moment, so deep I started again with my usual recipe exchange with a close circle of food blogger friends.

Blogs are in italian only so I don’t bother share links you cannot read but I can tell I had to dig deep into the blog I was paired with because it has hundreds, and I mean HUNDREDS of recipes.

Some are local, some come from far, far away: I decided to stay in the middle and I choosed a recipe from Malta, the Bigilla.

It is originally made with beans called tic beans, smaller than fava beans: no way to find them here so I used good, healthy, inexpensive desiccated fava beans.

You can spice it up with chili, tabasco, black pepper or whatever you like.

This is all I write for today as I am pretty busy: I am planning my little boy’s birthday party.

Little boy who is turning 9 at the end of May; little boy who is almost as tall as me, little boy with whom I almost can exchange shoes because we have almost the same foot size.

Ok, I’m too into ” mummy mood” and I am not really that kind of mum, better jump to the recipe now! 😀

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Bigilla, Maltese fava bean puree.
  1. Soak fava beans for at least 12 hours, changing water until it stays clear. After this time put fava beans in a pan with water, bring it to a boil and cook for 30 minutes. After that, if needed, peel of the cuticle from beans.
  2. In a large skillet sautee chopped onion with garlic and olive oil. Add fava beans and water enough, little by little, to cook for about 1 hour without burning or getting all too dry.
  3. Puree the beans with a blender, add parsley, spices and the right amount of salt. Serve with fresh vegetables as carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes or toasted bread and breadsticks.

Bigilla, Maltese fava bean puree.

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Comments (2)

  • Angela 4 years ago Reply

    Bigilla reminds me of a man who recently used to shout in the street selling his bigilla.
    It’s rare nowadays especially where I live.
    Love food. I love the Mediterranean diet. Healthy for diabetics

    La Mora Romagnola 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Angela!
    Thanks a lot for your comment, I hope you’ll find more recipes on my blog suitable for you! <3

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