Roasted cherry tomatoes or ” red drug”.

Roasted cherry tomatoes or " red drug".


Who loves bbq?

Me, and I am sure I’m not alone.

I attended some courses with a skilled bbq master, I know how to cook a proper fiorentina ( steak) but I still do not have a bbq grill here at the new home.

This recipe was created for barbecue but you can easily do it the same way into your oven.

It comes from a bbq community and there is commonly called “red drug“, don’t know if it makes sense in English too.

Those tomatoes are so easy to make it’s hard to call it a recipe but they are great as side dish or, if you mash them, as pasta seasoning.

This week end I had the chance to cook and take pictures, I’ve done five new recipes with (that is incredible) nice photos!

I tried to mke some spring dishes as spring is very near and I am waiting for it this year as I feel very propositive and willing to do things ( I am sure this feeling will expire soon lol).

Soon you’ll see more on these pages and I am so happy of it!

Here you are the recipe, give it a try, really!

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Roasted cherry tomatoes or " red drug".
  1. Wash tomatoes, do not remove them from stem. Drizzle them with oil so spices can stick to them.
  2. Sprinkle sugar over tomatoes then all the other spices as much as you like.
  3. Put in hot oven at 390°F until well roasted ( juices amost caramelized). They are good hot or cold; with meat, fish or pasta.

Roasted cherry tomatoes or " red drug".

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