Kartoffelsalat bayrisch, Bavarian potato salad.

Kartoffelsalat bayrisch, Bavarian potato salad.

If this year I’m going to Ljubljana, last year I was in Munich; it wasn’t my first time there, Munich is quite popular place for Italians, but going there with my friend Elisabetta, a deep lover of Germany and Bavaria was a completely different thing.

I discovered lovely German place where to eat, I could wander around Viktualienmarkt, I could see any shop and any gourmet place around.

I must say I never wrote a mini gourmet-guide about Munich on this blog and it’s a good idea for a future post.

This potato salad is typical from Bavaria, unlike other potato salad in other parts of Germany it has nor mayonaise neither wurstel inside it so it can easily become a vegan side dish.

The only thing that requires a little commitment is you have to boil potatoes one day in advance so they can soak the right way ( I did this salad twice before knowing this trick and I ended up with a potato mush, not bad but not really a kartoffelsalat).


Kartoffelsalat bayrisch, Bavarian potato salad.

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