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Frijoles Charros.

Frijoles Charros, i fagioli dei cowboy.

Back again with the last recipe left from my Tex- Mex lunch I made some months ago: frijoles charros.

I took the recipe from a book ( in Italian) written by a Texas girl living in Italy.

These are the beans eaten by cowboys, very far from the Italian food but we too have similar bean recipes, I think I should post some of them!

Beans are like flatbread: you can find local versions everywhere in the world!

Texas potato salad.

Insalata di patate alla texana.

September is here.

Usually this is my fave month, I return from holidays packed with good intentions and energies.

This August we stayed at home, because the Covid and the work situations were so uncertain we decided not to move.

It has been a long month home and all I can say now it’s I’m glad I’m back to the usual routine.

I just hope the pandemic thing won’t affect work and school anymore but I am not optimistic about it!

I had, anyway, to give a try being more active in the things I love to do like blogging so, after a iatus, I’m back.

Bell pepper and tuna rolls.

Rotolini di peperoni al tonno.

How’ s your lock-down going?

Our is going great: the toilet flush of the only wc of the house broke, finding a plumber is damn hard, there has been a wind blizzard and we couldn’t have our daily walk outside.

We keep on going anyway, we discovered a whole meadow filled with nettles, young and tenders.

Do you know nettles are the most delicious thing if stuffed into ravioli or used to make green pasta instead of spinach?

Texas caviar.

Texas caviar.

Yesterday I had my parents in law and my sister in law plus family at home for lunch.

So happy because nothing beats the joy of cooking, cooking, cooking then eat all together!

As always in these occasions I try to to test the more new recipes I can: it was quite hot on Friday ( about 104° F) but I kept the oven on the whole afternoon and produced a mint/ eggplant plum cake, a pecan pie and a chocolate cheesecake.

Roasted cherry tomatoes or ” red drug”.

Roasted cherry tomatoes or " red drug".


Who loves bbq?

Me, and I am sure I’m not alone.

I attended some courses with a skilled bbq master, I know how to cook a proper fiorentina ( steak) but I still do not have a bbq grill here at the new home.

This recipe was created for barbecue but you can easily do it the same way into your oven.

It comes from a bbq community and there is commonly called “red drug“, don’t know if it makes sense in English too.

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