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Texas caviar.

Texas caviar.

Yesterday I had my parents in law and my sister in law plus family at home for lunch.

So happy because nothing beats the joy of cooking, cooking, cooking then eat all together!

As always in these occasions I try to to test the more new recipes I can: it was quite hot on Friday ( about 104° F) but I kept the oven on the whole afternoon and produced a mint/ eggplant plum cake, a pecan pie and a chocolate cheesecake.

Roasted cherry tomatoes or ” red drug”.

Roasted cherry tomatoes or " red drug".

Who loves bbq?

Me, and I am sure I’m not alone.

I attended some courses with a skilled bbq master, I know how to cook a proper fiorentina ( steak) but I still do not have a bbq grill here at the new home.

This recipe was created for barbecue but you can easily do it the same way into your oven.

It comes from a bbq community and there is commonly called “red drug“, don’t know if it makes sense in English too.

Spinach savoury crumble.

Spinach savoury crumble.

Back with a very nice recipe, pretty useful for your weeknight meals.

It’s easy, quick and also have a sophisticated flair if served into a nice oven plate.

It’s a side dish but if you are like me and you could eat tonz of spinach in a single meal you can also have it as single course.

I did it for a recipe exchange with my Italian blogger fellows Bloggalline, the iriginal recipe is with summer vegetables ( bell peppers, courgettes…) but as usual I love to modify the recipe I take inspiration from because I don’t like to fill the web with copycat recipes.

Baked pumpking with blue cheese, rosemary and hazelnut crumble.

Baked pumpking with blue cheese, rosemary and hazelnut crumble.

Back again with a recipe, so long but time runs, tasks are stockpiling, holidays are too near as I didn’t think of almost a single present.

No Christmas tree on, I forgot the advent calendar for my young boy…

I’m not feeling the Christmas spirit this year, not at all not because I’m somehow sad but because I have no time for it. 🙁

To write a single post I need at least a week, dropping a phrase or two at time, then there is something I cannot avoid to do.

Orange sauteed carrots.

Orange sauteed carrots.

This recipe is slightly different from others you can find on blog.

Or at least photos are different: this is because the recipe has been done for a partnership with a famous pots and pans Italian Brand called Moneta and its pan collection Pantone inspired and a supermarket chain.

I’ve been asked to choose a color from some Pantone shades, I’ve always loved blue and I had to enhance this color and I decided to use its complementary color, orange.