Cornmeal scary crackers.

Cornmeal scary crackers.

Halloween, my favourite feast, is coming and this year I would like to post something themed as usual but this October I’m very busy with beautiful things, I’m going to Ljubljana with my sisters and to Lucca Comics & Games ( our Comicon to explain briefly) with friends so I decided to give a scary flair to a recipe I have to do for our monthly  Bloggalline’s ( a foodblogger group) recipe exchange.

This month I made a recipe from Zucchero and Cannella, Gabriella’s blog, full of nice things, expecially bread and sweets.

I’ve chosen a recipe of homemade crackers because I wanted to try this kind of bread for some time now.

I’ve changed few things like the kind of flour ( cornmeal instead of wholewheat) and used sourdough excess instead of baking powder then I used some Halloween cookie cutters and that’s all.

Those crackers are really easy and fast, the dough can be made in few minutes and it’s really smooth and non sticky, you can work it very well.

Cornmeal scary crackers.
Serves 8
Cornmeal crackers, Halloween version.
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  1. 3.5 oz fine cornmeal
  2. 5.3 oz all purpose flour
  3. 1.7 oz durum wheat semolina
  4. 4.5 oz water
  5. 0.8 oz olive oil
  6. 1 teasp baking powder or 3 oz sourdough excess
  7. 0.3 oz kosher salt
  8. 0.3 oz sugar
To finish
  1. milk
  2. sea salt flakes
  1. Mix all the ingredients, if you use sourdough excess melt it in water.
  2. When you have a smooth loaf let it rest in a plastic bag for 30 minutes in fridge then spread the dough in a thin sheet and cut the crackers.
  3. Make holes in crackers with a fork to avoid dough swelling, brush them with milk, add some salt flakes and bake at 300°F untill gold.
  1. Store them in an airtight container.
Adapted from Zucchero and Cannella
La Mora Romagnola https://www.lamoraromagnola.it/

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