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Dutch piadina turnovers.

cassoni olandesi

Dutch piadina turnovers.

I’ve found the time to add another flag on the map of my “turnovers world tour “.

Maybe you remember the American ones or the French ones, all of them are made with piadina dough plus a filling which remembers the chosen country.

This time I had hemp flour at home: thinking about hemp then about drug is a very short step: you have to know that hemp has a long tradition in Romagna area too, in the past almost all the fabrics in Romagna were made with hemp.

Piadina turnovers with German filling.

Piadina turnovers with German filling.

I’m back after a long iatus, I had things to do, end of the school parties, work, hot weather struggle…

I don’t know if you remember my project about piadina turnovers filled with fillings inspired to different countries.

I did the Icelandic ones, the French ones, the English ones, I’m working on Dutch ones and today I’m posting here the German turnovers.

I made a big big mistake as you can see in photos: I had to make and shoot four different recipes, I was in a hurry and I took the wrong flags to decorate the photos.

Cornmeal scary crackers.

Cornmeal scary crackers.

Halloween, my favourite feast, is coming and this year I would like to post something themed as usual but this October I’m very busy with beautiful things, I’m going to Ljubljana with my sisters and to Lucca Comics & Games ( our Comicon to explain briefly) with friends so I decided to give a scary flair to a recipe I have to do for our monthly  Bloggalline’s ( a foodblogger group) recipe exchange.

This month I made a recipe from Zucchero and Cannella, Gabriella’s blog, full of nice things, expecially bread and sweets.

Brezels with surdough.

Brezels with surdough.

I give myself the chance to bake something last week end: my sourdough Brienne was alone in the fridge for too long.

I was craving not pizza or bread but something easy and that could last few days: I was procastinating brezel for a long time, I found a recipe with sourdough so I just needed a helpful hand.

Luckly Lorenzo was home and willing to help.

Brezels ( or prezels, it depends on the region) are a kind of bread someone leads back to monks in France and North of Italy whom, with dough leftovers, made small treats the shape of hands joined to pray for children who learn by heart part of the Bible or prayers.

The shiny dark colour of brezel is their distinctive trait and it’s reached with a boiling process called Laugengebäck in German.

The boiling happens in a solution of water and lye, in countries where brezels are common you can buy lye cubes at chemist’s but here they aren’t plus lye is quite dangerous especially if you have an helping child around so in this recipe you will find instructions to boil brezels into a solution of water, baking soda and cooking salt.

The result will be not as shiny and dark as with lye but the taste is great.

After all this I have to say one more thing about brezel: I had to do them.

I really had to do them because when I was in Munich in October with my sister and my best friend I wandered about for three days looking for a cloth or tea towel or napking with blue and white squares, emblem of Bavaria for my photo sets and they wandered about with me.

I only find the right napking ( not too shiny, not with too big squares…) the last day, we really looked for it everywhere and now I really had to make a Bavaria dish and to take pictures with that napkin!

Isn’t it great? Say yes please!

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Brezels with sourdough
  1. Melt sourdough in water with malt or honey.
  2. Add oil (or butter) then flour and salt.
  3. Knead untill you have a smooth loaf, cover and let it rise untill it double.
  4. Put a pan with water on fire, add salt and baking soda.
  5. Make pieces of about 4.5 oz of dough, make long rolls and cross them into brezel's shape.
  6. When water boils put brezels, one at time, into the pan for 40 seconds/ 1 minute (the more the darker, with lye 30 seconds are enough but with baking soda you need more time to get a dark colour).
  7. Put brezels on a baking tray, sprinkle them with cooking salt, make a cut in the curved part and bake for about 20 minutes at 390°F.

Brezels with surdough.


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