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Easter loaf from Sarsina.

Pagnotta di Pasqua di Sarsina.

Sarsina is a small village on the Appenines between Forlì and Cesena.

It’s “famous” because in the local cathedral guards a special collar, owned by Saint Vicinio.

He was used to wear it with a heavy stone while praying as form of penance.

It’s believed this collar can free possessed people from the devil and from every evil ( as seen as health problems).

Tiger brot.

I cannot say we are living an easy situation here in Italy.

The third week of closed schools is almost starting, children are so tired of being alone with no friends around, no sports to do…

Please consider we are doing all this as prevention, to avoid a rapid spread and a collaps of our health care system, we are not dying bad!

Indian piadina turnovers.

Indian piadina turnovers.

It’s St. Stephen today and I am on the couch after an amount of food I am ashamed of.

All the festive traditions have been respected, yesterday in Ferrara at my uncle’s house and today in Rimini with hubby’s family.

Lot of chatting, eating, drinking, gifting.

Then a hot tea with my best friend as we do every year.

This is perfection!

Now I am alone on the couch so I decided to write down two lines here to post another recipe and trying to thin the list of not_yet_published recipes, even if I am not a lot in the mood for more food LOL.

Some time ago I have posted the recipe of homemade paneer to make the Indian version of piadina turnovers.

I don’t know if you remember my little project to make our traditional flat bread called piadina international, stuffing it with flavours from all over the world.

If you don’t check the recipe index!

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