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Pumpkin scones.

Pumpkin scones.

Pumpkin scones was the perfect autumn recipe but I am always late so…

We are close to Christmas and I still have to post this!

I hope you love winter pumpkins! 😛

I made them weeks ago, taken from a small, lovely book called ” Book of scones”.

Walnut and fig breadsticks.

Walnut and fig breadsticks

No time to even have a proper shower.

I know this is what I usually say but it’s getting worse as, among mine and others things to do and places to go I always return home late in the evening, with the need to think about dinner and nothing in the fridge.

I would love to say “when I will have time I will write more” but to be honest the more we go on the worse it’s getting so I quit with good purposes and give you my recipes rude & nude.

Soft wraps.

Wrap di farina bianca.

I use the free time I have in these days to post all the recipe I racked up in the past months.

They are quite a lot because I have cooked but not posted.

Now I have dinner ready, the house is spotless clean, son is doing some gym in his room and hubby is cutting is hair.

Peace for me for the next 30 minutes! 😀

Sweet bread buns with chocolate drops.

Panini dolci tipo Pangoccioli.

Few weeks ago, when school started after the long summer pause, I saw at the newsagent’s a magazine with copycat recipes of all the most popular snacks sold here in the supermarkets.

It’s quite regular: school starting —–> boom of snacks’ sales.

But in the last years many schools here regulated midmorning snacks allowing only fresh fruits so store bought snacks aren’t a school related treat anymore.

Stuffed Irish blass with spinach, feta cheese and pine nuts.

Stuffed Irish blass with spinach, feta cheese and pine nuts.

Today I have one of the worst case of migraine in months.

I took a painkiller and I am having a hot water boule squeezed between my neck and my head but nothing works.

I should lay in bed, I have tried but I feel more pain than staying sitted.

I decided to use wisely this time then, because in these days I have no time for blog at all: I work, work, work then I run home to make everything I didin’t do because of work.