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Feta cheese, pesto and pine nut plum- cake.

Feta cheese, pesto and pine nut plum- cake.

As usual I have no time to write, no time to cook, no time for anything except work, housekeeping, school things and so on.

I did this plum- cake for our Easter brunch and I still didn’t post it because I couldn’t find a moment to drop two lines.

It’s a very old family recipe, taken from a magazine;it was on my old blog but I had no photos until now to give it a proper blogpost.

It’s fuss free, you can make tonz of them for any kind of party or pic- nics and almost everyone falls in love with them.

Beer sandwich bread.

Beer sandwich bread.

Back to blog work again after a while, I had a lot to do and I started again my bike training so time is always less than I need to do everything I want.

I’m back with a recipe dedicated to the good season, to spring and summer, to pic- nics and week end trips.

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich after a walk into the nature, an open air football (rugby, basketball…) match?

And a good sandwich needs a good bread.

Why not a beer based bread?

Blue cheese focaccia.


Blue cheese focaccia.

Italy is under the coldest weather, ” Burian” it’s called, and it’s here and it’s so cold this morning the car refused to turn on ( first time ever in twelve years, luckly it moved after a while but it was quite scarying.

Yesterday we had to subscribe the notary deed to buy our dream house, not an appointment you can delay or miss and we had: big snow, school closed, ice on every road.

We reached the notary’s studio and we did it so now I can tell you I own a home!!

I’ll need few months before entering the house but it’s ok, time to think about forniture and arguing with hubby about ceiling lamps. 🙂

Tomorrow schools will be close, at the moment I’m not sure I can reach school to bring son back home. :O

Look at hubby right after the deed and our garden today:

Piadina romagnola, authentic recipe.

Piadina romagnola.

I’m spending a week end at home.

Not unusual but this week end is harder than usual as hubby is sick.

By sick I mean very sick and you know how men deal with flu, cold and bellyache.

All I’m cooking at the moment is white rice and lemon tea but as son is playing Xbox after homeworks and I washed all his rugby apparel then washed the washing machine because of sand and ground I have time enough to write on blog and when I have time for it I feel blessed because I really like it.