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Saffron risotto ( risotto alla milanese): the recipe and all the tricks to make it outstanding.

Risotto allo zafferano: ricetta e trucchi per farlo perfetto.

It’s been a long time since I decided to make a post about risotto and all the tricks I’ve learned to make it perfectly ( risotto alla milanese in this case but the tricks will work for every kind of risotto).

Then life happened, never took a pic of my risotto because it must be eaten quickly, at its best…

But I did it few days ago, took a quick pic with my cellphone and decided it was time to write it, no matter if I had a glamourus picture or not, I bet you don’t care about that if I let you serve the best risotto you’ve ever eaten at home, with no fuss and great results.

As usual, even if Mr. Google deeply dislikes it, I don’t want to write chapters over chapters of personal stories or random rants which include specific keywords and phrases, so long I have to put a button ” jump to the recipe”.

This is pretty bad for my position into Google ranking but you can give some help sharing this post if you try the recipe and find it good! 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I’ve called this risotto alla milanese because that’s how many identify saffron risotto but the original risotto alla milanese has also marrow bone inside.

Genovese meat sauce.

Pasta con sugo genovese.

Hi all!

Are you safe at home?

I hope so.

We are still home, for sure nothing will change until after Easter.

The days are filled with online lessons, homebrewing, cooking, rugby training in the garden ( we are lucky enough to have this chance).

I had no time to add posts in the last few days but I still have recipes to share with you!

This one is a real hit, it’s called Genovese but it’s a traditional recipe from Neaples.

Gnudi toscani, Tuscan ricotta cheese and spinach dumplings.

Gnudi toscani, Tuscan ricotta cheese and spinach dumplings.

Back again with a recipe, as I told you I have some many new recipes to post I have the problem to decide what comes first.

But why should I decide and not you?

So I throw a survey on my Facebook page, I did it on saturday and so many joined.

It was a simply photo, I just asked to comment with a number:

food pictures collage

All the recipes had their own fans but the number four won everything: they are “gnudi” vegetarian dumplings from Tuscany made of spinach and ricotta cheese.

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