Borlotti bean tasty soup, a cheap family recipe.

Crema saporita di borlotti ( o "minestra di fagioli").

I’m working on the Facebook page of this blog.

The page opened in 2010, when likes weren’t a treasure hunt and when my knowledge of social media was below 0.

The page ended having tons of like, a mixed language public because I wanted to manage both Italian and English blog at once and no interactions.

Now, thanks to a friend, I took the courage to start from scratch, this blog will have a page in English, if you want to be updated please follow La Mora Romagnola English page.

To celebrate this new beginning and my first 40 years today I am posting a special recipe, Borlotti bean tasty soup, a cheap family recipe.

This recipe is cheap for real, with 3 tin of canned borlotti you can feed about 4 people and it’s so tasty…

When I was little this was my favourite week meal and I can say it still is!

Plese give a chance to this soup, you will thank me!

It’s so simple anyone can make it in ten minutes!

Borlotti bean tasty soup, a cheap family recipe.

Servings: 4


  • 1 garlic clove
  • 4 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 slices Parma ham or similar
  • 3 tin canned Borlotti with their own liquid ( about 14 oz each)


  • Heat oil in a tall pan, sautee the garlic clove then remove it.
    In the same pan, into the oil, sautee finely minced ham then pour in two of the three cans of borlotti with their liquid.
  • With a blender reduce it to a smooth cream, then add the last tin of beans ( which will stay whole, but you can blend them too if you prefer a totally smooth soup).
  • Bring everything to a boil, adjust salt and pepper ( often ham is enough salty).
    If you want to eat it plain just add a generous amount of grated Parmesan.
  • If you want you can cook pasta in it like ditalini: to do it add 1-2 glass of water to the soup, bring it to a boil and when it boils add pasta ( about 1 oz. per person) and boil until ready adding a little water if it thickens too much.
  • You can add some rosemary needles or a small bunch of chopped parsley.
    You can make it a day in advance and store in fridge, is even tastier!
Borlotti bean tasty soup, a cheap family recipe.

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