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White chocolate, gluten free cheesecake with crunchy caramel topping.

La miglior cheese-cake cremosa senza glutine al cioccolato bianco.

Happy 2023!!

I come from a long week of Netflix, food, couch, relatives and relax so I can call myself a blessed lady!

Today I woke up earlier than usual ( for a non working day) and I had my cup of coffee, enjoyed the silence and put away Christmas tree and decoration while listening to my fave true crime podcast.

Everyone else is still in bed so I decided to share with you this wonderful recipe of a white chocolate and gluten free cheesecake with a crunchy caramel topping I made for the New Year’s Eve dinner.

It’s really great, it comes from a book I have in Italian and from which I’ve taken other, very successful, recipes of cheesecakes like the walnut and maple syrup cheesecake.

Oat coconut quick breakfast cookies.

Biscotti cocco e avena

Here I am, doing small steps in my “return to blog”: I took my reflex out of its box after more than a year and half, I didn’t remember a button!

I also remember very little of the composition tecniques but I keep on going, I need time and practice.

I opened my “saved” folder on Facebook and I took one of the thousands recipes I got there: I’ve been lucky and these oat coconut quick breakfast cookies are wonderful!

Tasty, fragrant, chewy: a perfect match for a cup of milk or tea.

Sachertorte or Sacher chocolate cake, one of the most famous chocolate desserts in the world.

Torta Sacher

Aaaaaand… I’m back.

After a year so bad 2020 seemed a walk in a fairy garden.

Luckly enough I think that bad moment ended and I am ready to cook once again.

I’m back from a summer holiday in Austria and Germany, chasing breweries, and I also bought a nice jar of homemade marillenmarmelade, the apricot jam they use to make the Sacher cake, one of the most iconic chocolate desserts in the world, known worldwide.

I’ve eaten it many times at Hotel Sacher in Wien and Innsbruck ( I think in Innsbruck there’s only the cafè, not the hotel).

Boxty bread.

Boxty bread.

My Irish brinner went so good, everything has been so perfect!

I have to thanks that brilliant man called Paul Hollywood and all his books! <3

I knew, using his recipes, I would have been on the safe side as all of them I have tried turned out fantastic!

If you are asking what a brinner is: the evening version of a brunch.

Italian crunchy tomato crackes, recipe from Simili sisters.


Italian crunchy tomato crackes, recipe from Simili sisters.

Easter is passed, we had the worst, and I mean the worst lunch ever in a place we would not attend in life but hubby’s relatives booked there and you know…

For the sake of the holiday…

About 400 persons, just one restroom, appetizer on display time before people start sitting at the table…

We ( me, hubby, his sister and husband, his cousin and husband) leave the table just after the first course with the excuse of watching children, no one of us ate anything more and we consider ourselves pretty lucky because we didn’t get sick.

Of course, if you ask, you are going to find someone who says: ” we ate delightfully”…

I don’t know, some people born without tastebuds, it’s the only explanation.

Now I feel a little bit confused, I changed my WordPress template (after a long, long time) and the post editor is completely different.

Not very friendly I have to say but I’ll learn how to manage it.

I drop here the recipe and run, I have to make tonz of cookies for tomorrow rugby’s tournament. 🙂

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Italian crunchy tomato crackes, recipe from Simili sisters.
  1. Put in a bowl flour, yeast and water. Knead by hand or with a mixer. After a couple of minutes add yeast, knead again for about 10 minutes, you must end with a smooth loaf.
  2. Let it rest covered for about one hour or until it doubles. Using a rollpin or a pasta maker spread your dough very thin, use some flour if it sticks. You can make a single big spread then cut it in irregoular shapes or spread single small pieces.
  3. Grease a baking tray with olive oil ( do not use baking sheets for this recipe!), put streghe on the tray, pin them with a fork to avoid bubbles then brush them with some tomato paste mixed with olive oil ( and a pinch of salt if needed).
  4. Sprinkle streghe with dry oreganon then bake in already hot oven at 430°F for about 8- 10 minutes. Watch them closely because they can burn in seconds.
  5. You can store them in an airtight box for days.







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