Chocolate lava cakes.


Hearts, red roses, teddy bears in every shop’s window?

Have you seen them?

Yes, it’s that moment of the year again, St. Valentine is coming, brace yourself!

St. Valentine is not a day I use to celebrate, I’m not interested in flowers, presents, jewels…

If hubby wants me happy he can bring me out to try a new restaurant but he can do it always, not only on 14 February! 😀

Anyway I know many care a lot about this holiday, many love organizing lovely dinners at home and I feel the need to help who is going to do something special for his/ her beloved one.

I don’t know how common chocolate lava cakes are in your country: in Italy you can find them in five restauraurant out of six as dessert and at the supermarket you can find them in a box, you just have to heat them in the microwave.

Of course my recipe tastes far better than the boxed ones and, I have to be honest, even far better than the lava cakes you can eat in some restaurants…

It’s an easy recipe, the only thing you have to control is the baking time: in my oven 8 minutes is the right time but you have to check with your oven and see if 8 are ok or if you need to bake for a couple of minutes more ( if the cake is too liquid and it brokes when you take it out the mould).

Recipe is for about 6 cakes, if you are planning a meal for less (two, maybe? 😉 ) you have to know you can freeze the cakes left, unbaked.

I’ve spent this week end home alone, quality time for myself and for blog: cooking, taking pictures, writing…

I love the very little time I have alone but now hubby is coming back from his parents’ home with flu and Lorenzo hasn’t finished his homework yet, I think I’m going to pay dearly that good time…

Luckly for you you only have to take advantage of this because in the next weeks you’ll see a lot of new posts and recipes! 🙂

Let’s come to the lava cakes, if it’s the kind of dessert you like you can check also my caramel lava cake!

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Chocolate lava cake
  1. Melt chocolate with butter in a saucepan, mix until you have a smooth and shiny cream.
  2. In a bowl beat sugar and yolks until foamy and pale yellow, add sifted flour and cocoa, mix then add chocolate.
  3. In a separate bowl whip egg whites with a pinch of salt, when they form peaks add them to the chocolate mixture folding gently.
  4. Pour the mixture into six well buttered alluminium ramekins, bake 8 minutes (no more, no less, except if you see your oven needs different timing) at 428°F. Oven has to already be at the right temperature, no less.
  5. Take the ramekins out from the oven, let them settle 2 minutes then take them out of the ramekin. If you need an extra help to take them out cut the edge of the ramekin and "peel" the cake from the mould.
  6. Put lava cake on plates with a spoonful of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and serve immediately.


Chocolate lava cakes.



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