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Everyday chocolate cake with cocoa frosting.

Everyday chocolate cake with cocoa frosting.

In a eye blink May is here, we are having five days of rest, hubby is away with some friends and I have planned the most perfect time inviting some friends with their son for dinner ( Irish dinner, all the recipes taken from the books of Paul Hollywood: I have almost all of them, I did many of the dishes and they always came out great), then having a Friday’s night out with my best friend testing some cocktail bars and a restaurant.

All will end with a big rugby tournament on sunday.

Easy coffee cookies.

Easy coffee cookies.

Still alive and kicking, even if you won’t say that after all this time.

Now I am in the new home, the new home is beautiful and lovely and I have so much to do I cannot rest in it enjoying it. πŸ™

No complaints, that’s life and I am fully living it but I’m looking forward to a little time for myself only.

I had to know my new appliances, working with a new oven is an adventure.

I baked and cooked almost only tested things to I had the chance to compare and adjust.

Imperial stout beeramisΓΉ.

Imperial stout beeramisù

Still posting recipes from archive, not yet back to my normal cooking & shooting routine but I’m trying hard: I don’t want to let it go, this blog is far way too important to me!

I am planning a weiss beer orange marmelade, I’m not sure how it is turning out as I don’t like marmelade a lot: I’m waiting for hubby to have an expert review, if it will be good you’ll see that on my pages soon! πŸ™‚

Now it’s time for a beeramisΓΉ, a tiramisΓΉ ( Italian dessert worldwide famous) made with beer.