Mixed crostini, Italian pub food.

mixed crostini

This is the recipe I’m waiting to post since 2006, when I opened my first blog.

Why so long if this is not a difficult dish or with strange or unusual ingredients?

Well, crostini are something we usually eat out, in our osterie or pubs, they are a typical pub food so it’s not something you often make at home.

And when you do they disappear as soon as the are out of the oven, no photos, they must be eaten hot.

I finally managed to take a picture of a couple of them, they were leftovers after a lunch with my sister and his boyfriend and I had time enough to shoot even if photos aren’t the best.

The best way to pair a crostini dish is a good artisan beer of your choice, if you are really, really hungry you can add a cheese plate or a cold cuts tray but with 6-8 crostini per serving you should be ok.

Do you want to know who make my favourite crostini in Santarcangelo?

Check it out here!

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Mixed crostini.
  1. Toast bread slices in a toaster or on a hot skillet on both sides. Put on each one slice of brie and one teaspoon of white sauce.
  2. On 4 slices put spinach, then sausage and a sprinkle of grated Parmesan.
  3. On 4 slices put a spoonful of sauteed leek, some Gorgonzola and a crushed walnut.
  4. On 4 slices put a teaspoon of crushed dry tomatoes, a slice of grilled eggplant and a slice of smoked scamorza cheese.
  5. Put all the crostini on a baking tray and bake at 356°F for 10-12 minutes or untill cheeses on bread are melted.
  6. Serve 2 crostini of each kind for each person or all together on a big wood tray. Serve them hot.

I want to write you some more ideas for your toppings, always keep white sauce and brie at the bottom, they keep bread from being soggy:

. thin potato slices, smoked ham, a hint of milk cream

. diced zucchini sauteed with oil, salt and pepper and bacon

. taleggio cheese, truffle cream and walnuts

. thin slice of Pecorino cheese, thin slice of pear, a hint of honey and walnuts

mixed crostini


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