Recipes & ideas for your Halloween party.

jack o' lantern

Halloween is knocking on the door once again, time is near, are you ready?

This is one of my favourite feasts, through the years I’ve posted a lot of “scary recipes“: maybe you remember some, using the search button you could find them but thinking to the lazy ones (as I am the laziest one) I’ ve decided to make a brand new post with them plus some nice ideas for your party I’ve found surfing Pinterest.

In Italy this festivity, I mean the way people in the U.S.A. celebrate it, is quite new: only in the last ten years we started finding decorations, costumes in the shops and in the last years restaurants, discos and pubs started themed nights.

Of course people at home started to throw themed parties too and I’m the queen of the Halloween themed food because I LOVE HALLOWEEN.

Let’s start with an idea for the party theme: Harry Potter? Zombie apocalypse? A CSI mistery party?

Trust me I would like to attend to everyone of them!

Now let me introduce my cornmeal scary crackers: perfect with dips, sauces, cold cuts.

Cornmeal scary crackers

If you opted for the Harry Potter themed party you MUST try Molly Weasley’s meatballs: they come from The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and they are truly great, taste the sauce!!

Molly Weasley's meatballs

If you opted for the Zombie apocalypse party and you’re not a faint heart the scary meatloaf is the main course for you ( scroll down for English post)!

scary meatloaf

Are you looking for a scary sweet idea you can make in advance?

Meringue bones, you can make them up to two weeks before, just keep them in an airtight box.

meringue bones

I hope to have time enough to add to the blog some new Halloween recipes before the end of the month, at the moment enjoy my efforts to make your festa great! :*


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