I’m here to drop a quick post, just a break from the longer post I’m working on, the one about Legoland theme park and how to enjoy the visit the best.

Writting long posts in two languages is hard but I don’t really give up!

We’re already on the 18 of June, tomorrow, after a whole month, we return to Santarcangelo ( hubby’s hometown) to relish our beloved Romagna.

I hope, on saturday morning, to attend ” Al mèni” ( the hands written in Romagna’s patois) a fair that is both a farmers’ market and a circus that took place in Rimini this week end.

This is the only thing that can drift me apart from the sofa after four intense week ends ( birthdays, weddings, travels…) and a lot of work in the middle.

I saw almost everyone do labneh and I wanted to try too.

It’s just plain yogurt and salt drained untill thick; the result is a sort of cream cheese very cheap, tasty and customizable with spices, herbs and whatever you want.

In the photo you can see a plain labneh I sprinkled with chives I grow in my garden but soon I want to go further and try with sweet versions: of course you’ll be notified about results!

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  1. If the cloth has been washed with detergent let it boil in water for 10 minutes then rinse under running water.
  2. Mix yogurt and salt, pour this into the cloth you put inside the colander.
  3. Cover the yogurt with cloth's corners and let it rest 2-3 hours outside the fridge then 5-6 into the fridge (in winter you can keep it in a cool room for the whole time).
  4. Your cream cheese is ready, add spices or herbs if you like.
Recipe Notes

You can use it to cook, it's great for cheese cakes.


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