Coconut labneh.

coconut labneh

It has been a week end full of recipe experiments, one I can’t post because it’s into a contest and it must stay confidential, this one, instead, it’s ready to be posted luckly!

Some days ago I posted the recipe to make labneh at home.

Labneh is a sort of cheese that comes from yogurt, very similar to Philadelphia.

I told I would have try a sweet version and I used coconut yogurt: it turned out great, if you eat it cold it seems a great ice cream!

Method is the same, I added half a teaspoon of salt for 17 oz. yogurt (I used whole milk yogurt) and I drained it for 5 hours only to have it a little bit softer than the salty one I made last time.

If you drain it longer ( 8 hours) I think it could turn out a great cake/ cupcakes frosting as my friend Stefania from “ Sweet & geek” suggested me.

No need to cook, no need to bake, summertime is the right moment to try this!


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