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Imperial stout beeramisù.

Imperial stout beeramisù

Still posting recipes from archive, not yet back to my normal cooking & shooting routine but I’m trying hard: I don’t want to let it go, this blog is far way too important to me!

I am planning a weiss beer orange marmelade, I’m not sure how it is turning out as I don’t like marmelade a lot: I’m waiting for hubby to have an expert review, if it will be good you’ll see that on my pages soon! 🙂

Now it’s time for a beeramisù, a tiramisù ( Italian dessert worldwide famous) made with beer.

Orange flavoured yogurt pancakes.

Orange flavoured yogurt pancakes.

I’m back again, not so long from the last time after all!

We are still working on the new house or, at least, bricklayers are; this means a lot of time taking measures, discussing, planning, changing plans.

We would like to move before Christmas, I think, instead, we will pass Christmas moving.

Anyway I’m here again with, guess what?

A recipe!

Almost unusual for this blog, uh? 🙂

Beer toffee.

Beer toffee

Hi everybody,

I’m here again to share with you a recipe I made for an Italian online beer shop: the Italian version of the recipe is on their blog but as always I want to be sure my English speaking readers can read it.

Beer toffees are a very very tasty treat and they are also really easy to make, just follow my directions!

For this recipe I used a Belgian Ale called Père Noël from De Ranke brewing but you can use the beer you like the most.

I come from a long week of (my son’s) flu: this year flu hits pretty hard, he starded on monday evening with temperature and only ended on saturday; now he is weak and not energetic as usual, I don’t know how will he survive the next whole week of school. 🙁

Marbled cheesecake.

Marbled cheesecake.

This dessert comes from “ How to be a domestic goddess” by Nigella Lawson; the book comes from one of my bargains on Amazon: used books for less than 7 euros shipping included, usually from U.K.

Conditions are almost always perfect (if not it’s specified) and I can stuff my bookshelves with expensive hardcover cookbooks saving a lot of money.

Sooner or later I have to post a photo of my bookcase. 🙂

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