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Muscovado bundt cake with hazelnut meal and orange juice.

Muscovado bundt cake with hazelnut meal and orange juice.

Muscovado bundt cake with hazelnut meal and orange juice: have you ever hear of a similar mix of ingredients?

I didn’t since I read a post on Facebook of a fellow blogger.

I would like to share the post but it’s in Italian only; anyway I want to tell you about this Italian bloggers’ project called KEEP CALM AND WHAT’S FOR DINNER? that brings you every month many recipes you can easily make in about 30 minutes.

Sweet and salty peanut biscuits.

Sweet and salty peanut biscuits.

We had a lovely saturday with Lorenzo’s classmates and their parents: scavenger hunt, lunch in the country, chats and laughs.

At home I worked hard because I had no time to housekeeping douring the week; now I’m on the sofa, watching Dexter ( I know, not a new serie but I have to recover some good series from the past) and I have the time to work on this post for tomorrow and thinking about a gluten- free recipe I have to do for a partnership.

Nigella Lawson never miss a hit we can say.

This recipe comes from “ How to be a domestic goddess“, it’s so easy you can make it with children too and those sweet and salty peanut biscuits can stay crisp for days in an airtight box.

Sweet pumpkin pancakes.

Sweet pumpkin pancakes.

I stole 20 minutes from my daily schedule and I did these pumpkin pancakes.

Then I stole 30 more minutes to take pictures and luckly they are quite nice, this time I’m almost satisfied!

I had a salty recipe for these pancakes but I arrived at a sweet one because…

I had no extra salty ingredients to take pictures with.

Enough to change the plan and enough to feed my son with a sweet pile of pancakes for dinner.