Zucchini bites.

I feel Autumn here in Bologna: air is fizzy, leaves are changing colours and I can finally live instead of surviving the hot weaher.

The post holidays  thrill is still here even if things never go as you plan them: more work than we expected ( and this is good!), a sad news that let us reconsider what is important in life, kindergarten is starting really slow giving my boy half day off for more than a week and he’s not really happy about it because he wants to stay with his friends!

Soon I’ll bring on these pages a sweet sweet collaboration made of books and honey and a wonderful themed recipe .

Now that is no more a crime turning on the oven I enjoy the last zucchini of the season.

We ate them in every possible way and this is only the last one we tried.

They may seem like muffins but the mix is more crumbled and dry because of breadcrumbs.

This recipes serves 24 mini muffins.

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Zucchini bites.
Recipe Notes

Don't use regoular size muffins tin: they are too big and the inside of your bites will remain soggy and raw.

Zucchini bites.


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