Greek style stuffed eggplants.

Greek style stuffed eggplants.

After few days with a winter like weather it seems sun is back to stay, outside my living room’s window trees are so green and I can only see leaves; poplars’ blowballs fly everywhere, even into the house and my chives are blooming.

This year I decided not to care too much about gardening, not to buy new plants, only to care about the ones I already have ( chives, sage, parsley, rhubarb) because I have an unforgivable black thumb.

Of course, this year, those plants are luxuriant and now I’m craving for more…And on saturday and sunday there is in Santarcangelo a great flower & plants fair.

I adore this fair because you can find any kind of green you like from herbs to vanilla orchid.

And a lot of succulents, my Achilles’ heel.

Here you cans see some pics from past edition; many plants will come home with me…Many will die. 😛

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Greek style stuffed eggplants.
  1. Cut eggplants in half on the long side, empty them with a knife or a spoon.
  2. Dice the pulp and sautee it in a pan with oil and garlic then adjust salt and pepper.
  3. Put pulp in a bowl with crumbled feta, breadcrumbs and pine nuts slightly roasted in a pan, mix well.
  4. Stuff the eggplant's halves, pour a little oil then bake at 356°F for about 20 minutes.

Greek style stuffed eggplants.


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