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Milk brûlé, typical dessert from Romagna.

Milk brûlé, typical dessert from Romagna.

You all know recipes like crème brûlée or creme caramel or panna cotta.

The pudding I’m introducing you today is a close relative of those dessert but it’s only made of yolks, sugar and fresh whole milk.

It’s a very old (can I say ancient?) recipe from Romagna region, it has a long tradition among farmer’s families but it makes a wonderful appearance on the most lushious tables, expecially for Christmas.

Dutch piadina turnovers.

cassoni olandesi

Dutch piadina turnovers.

I’ve found the time to add another flag on the map of my “turnovers world tour “.

Maybe you remember the American ones or the French ones, all of them are made with piadina dough plus a filling which remembers the chosen country.

This time I had hemp flour at home: thinking about hemp then about drug is a very short step: you have to know that hemp has a long tradition in Romagna area too, in the past almost all the fabrics in Romagna were made with hemp.

Piadina turnovers with German filling.

Piadina turnovers with German filling.

I’m back after a long iatus, I had things to do, end of the school parties, work, hot weather struggle…

I don’t know if you remember my project about piadina turnovers filled with fillings inspired to different countries.

I did the Icelandic ones, the French ones, the English ones, I’m working on Dutch ones and today I’m posting here the German turnovers.

I made a big big mistake as you can see in photos: I had to make and shoot four different recipes, I was in a hurry and I took the wrong flags to decorate the photos.

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