Potato scones.

Potato scones.

Today I had my first approach with school homeworks, I’m worn out.

I screamed more than St. Hartman, before you can say something like how convenient could be a soft approach please consider my son is a lovely boy but he could eat Ms. Montessori whole, alive.

He’s not even remotely touched by any request made in a polite way; at the very start he’s very keen to his homeworks, he cares about doing them right and well, when he discovers homeworks are more than he expected the big drama starts.

Every parent has ambitions for his children, preferences about studies and even about a future career: I just aim at a minimum literacy level.

I’ll be very grateful (and surprised) at anything else.

Just to avoid leaving those pages in favor of primary schoo’sl text books I post these scones on the fly: easy to make, nice with both sweet or salty fillings, they come from one of my thousand magazine’s clippings, I had to change few things like the baking powder amount ant the height of the dough but now they’re a yes-yes.

I put inside cream cheese and smoked salmon but any cold cut, butter and jam, chocolate are good ideas too.

Potato scones.
Serves 6
Soft scones made with potatoes.
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  1. 5.30 oz potatoes
  2. 5.30 oz plain flour ( plus some to work dough)
  3. 1.7 oz butter
  4. 2 teasp baking powder
  5. a pinch of salt
  1. Boil potatoes, drain them and mash into a bowl, set aside untill warm.
  2. Sift flour and baking powder, add salt and butter and knead with fingers untill you have a crumbling dough.
  3. Add mashed potatoes and knead.
  4. Dust the base with some flour and spread the dough with a rollpin, about 1 inch tall, cut circles of about 2 inches diameter.
  5. Put the scones on a baking pan and bake in pre heated oven at 356°F for 15-20 minutes.
  1. Serve scones hot or warm.
La Mora Romagnola https://www.lamoraromagnola.it/
Potato scones.

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