Lemon and black pepper aromatic salt.

Lemon and black pepper aromatic salt.

First thing first let me give you all my best wishes for a 2021 full of everything you want!

I have many hopes in this new tour around the sun, I really wish we will be able to mett relatives and friends again, to be able to travel and do sport competitions ( my son miss them so much!!).

As I often do I want to open this new year with a post on blog.

This make me feel really productive! 😀

It can hardly be called recipe as there is nothing to cook or bake, it’s just a hint to pimp your dishes, a nice present to make at a very low cost.

This lemon and black pepper aromatic salt is perfect on white meats, fish, some vegetables, potatoes.

If you are looking for more aromatic salt ideas I leave you here the link of my herbal salt Bolognese style ( this is a classic in my city to season grilled or roasted meats, baked potatoes and more.).

Lemon and black pepper aromatic salt.

Servings: 10


  • 1 kg coarse sea salt
  • 5 organic lemons
  • 1 tbsp black pepper beans


  • Grate all the zest from lemons using a flat blade (like a microplane blades) then crush black pepper except few beans.
    Mix all this to the sea salt ina big bowl, be sure the lemon and the pepper are distributed evenly.
  • Put the salt in small jars if it's a present or, if it's just for your use, a big glass jar with a hermetic lid is ok.
    Wait a couple of weeks before using.
Lemon and black pepper aromatic salt.

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