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Beer sandwich bread.

Beer sandwich bread.

Back to blog work again after a while, I had a lot to do and I started again my bike training so time is always less than I need to do everything I want.

I’m back with a recipe dedicated to the good season, to spring and summer, to pic- nics and week end trips.

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich after a walk into the nature, an open air football (rugby, basketball…) match?

And a good sandwich needs a good bread.

Why not a beer based bread?

Beer toffee.

Beer toffee

Hi everybody,

I’m here again to share with you a recipe I made for an Italian online beer shop: the Italian version of the recipe is on their blog but as always I want to be sure my English speaking readers can read it.

Beer toffees are a very very tasty treat and they are also really easy to make, just follow my directions!

For this recipe I used a Belgian Ale called Père Noël from De Ranke brewing but you can use the beer you like the most.

I come from a long week of (my son’s) flu: this year flu hits pretty hard, he starded on monday evening with temperature and only ended on saturday; now he is weak and not energetic as usual, I don’t know how will he survive the next whole week of school. 🙁

Grapefruit Sour IPA sherbet.

Grapefruit Sour IPA sherbet.

This is another recipe I created for Cantina della Birra, a shop online dedicated to beers of every kind and nation.

As their blog is in Italian only I’m free to share on mine the recipe in English.

English is the brewery from where the beer I used comes from: Siren Craft Brew, Berkshire.

Pompelmocello is a great IPA, perfect for summer, so I decided to enjoy it into a fresh sherbet, the perfect dessert for a summer dinner.

Beer and chocolate sweet salami.

Salame di cioccolato alla birra.

Beer and chocolate sweet salami.

Hello world!

This is my first post using the plug-in Polylang.

It permits a multi-language website/ blog, it means you will find, from now on, blog posts in English only or Italian only if your browser is set on IT.

Step by step I’ll put hands on every past post changing settings in order to please Google and SEO and to give my blog better chances to be seen worldwide.

Irish stout beef stew.

Stufato irlandese alla birra stout/ Irish stout beef stew.


It’s really really cold outside, of course it’s ok, it’s the coldest part of winter here and I also love cold weather.

I also love the nordic concept of “hygge“, the good feeling of staying together with loved ones, spending quality time at home or in cozy places.

I think a hot, slow cooked stew is very “hygge” so I’m going to share this classic Irish recipe made with stout beer with you.