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Pork and apple meatballs.

Pork and apple meatballs

I wrote the Italian version of this post weeks ago, then I had no time to drop some lines in English so, after all this time, I’m here on a sunday evening wondering what to write.

We had long weeks full of dull errands, some minor surgery on multiple steps for me then for hubby ( he is still recovery, not feeling very well and no willing to eat, that’s pretty incredible), some hitches and things like these.

I starded a new, nice project I want to share with you, you may find it inspirational: it’s a recipe round robin.

I’ve started because I had some nice block notes as a present, personalized with my blog’s name and I wanted to give them a better life than being paper for the to do lists and grocery shopping.

Bolognese meatloaf.

Bolognese meatloaf.
Spring is coming!

All the trees are in blossom, sky is blue, sun is lovely; then sun disappears, wind blows and suddenly cold weather comes.

Of course Lorenzo is already with a nice cough, he already have infected me and I cannot breathe from my nose.

Oh lovely spring. 😛

This week end we went to Rimini, we had a great dinner at our favourite restaurant ” Il chiosco di Bacco“; we ate a giant rib- eye of Marchigiana cow tender as a kiss.

There was a very nice flower exhibition called ” Giardini d’Autore” where you can find beautiful flowers and plants for your garden but when I told hubby to go he feigned his death. :/

Flower fairs are a thing for best friends, not husbands! 😀

Let’s come to the food, I chatted enough of things you are not here for!

Speaking of blog I have a lot of nice collaborations on, this recipes is the result of one of these ( of course I speak of Italian blog, I’m not so famous to have international collaborations; I’ m working on it anyway! 😀 ).

I know you all know Bolognese as a red meat sauce, some of you know it’s not a sauce for spaghetti but for egg noodles ( it’s important: never speak to a Bologna born person of spaghetti Bolognese. Never ever. :D) but I bet very few of you know that in Bologna we make a great, tasty, fatty, meatloaf.

It’s not the classic weeknight meal, this meatloaf is a perfect substitution of a sunday roast, a second course you can make when you have guests. it’s often served with a béchamel sauce ( white sauce based on roux).

You can add mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach or any other vegetable you like.

Please note: in the photos you can’t see the breadcrumbs’ coat and sauce because I did it in a moment of diet (yeah, just a moment lol).

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Bolognese meatloaf.
  1. In a bowl mix minced meat, minced mortadella, grated Parmesan, breadcrumbs. Knead well, add eggs, salt and pepper and a big pinch of grated nutmeg. Knead again and form the a long meatloaf.
  2. Roll the meatloaf into the extra breadcrumbs then let it golden in a pan with hot olive oil. Let it golden on all sides, pay attention not to broke the meatloaf.
  3. In a bakeproof casserole melt butter then put in the meatloaf. Bake at 356°F for about 30 minutes, rotate in halfway.
  4. Wait until slightly cold before cutting slices.
  5. To make the sauce: melt butter on low fire, add sifted flour and mix until you have a paste. Add milk little by little mixing, avoid lumps. Add a inch of salt and a pinch of nutmeg, bring it to a boil then turn off the fire: the sauce have to be quite liquid. You can keep it in the fridge and heat right before serving the meatloaf.




Chicken roll with artichokes cream and lemony and mint chickpea’s purée.

Chicken roll with artichokes cream and lemony and mint chickpea's purée.

With this recipe I’m entering a contest about picnic food ideas “in a jar”.

It’s almost spring and it’s the perfect contest to work on!

I’m not posting link and brands here as everything is in Italian but I want to share with you my recipe anyway.

This way I also improve my skills with this new recipe plugin: I have to say I hate it quite a lot. -.-

The hard truth is, after I almost splitted all my post in Itlian and English page, each with its own recipe card, I have to change all of these cards with another kind of plugin.

Irish stout beef stew.

Stufato irlandese alla birra stout/ Irish stout beef stew.


It’s really really cold outside, of course it’s ok, it’s the coldest part of winter here and I also love cold weather.

I also love the nordic concept of “hygge“, the good feeling of staying together with loved ones, spending quality time at home or in cozy places.

I think a hot, slow cooked stew is very “hygge” so I’m going to share this classic Irish recipe made with stout beer with you.

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