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Mango sauce for nachos, grilled chicken and grilled fish.

Salsa di mango per pollo, pesce e nachos.

We are back from holidays and we yet don’t feel like we have ever been.

Lot of work, lot of rush; after month without a home fitness chance I decided to give in with gym: five days a week of course or it doesn’t work.


I didin’t have the chance to cook a lot after our return, only a dessert for a family meal last sunday.

I took the recipe from a magazine and it turned out… AWFUL.

Boxty bread.

Boxty bread.

My Irish brinner went so good, everything has been so perfect!

I have to thanks that brilliant man called Paul Hollywood and all his books! <3

I knew, using his recipes, I would have been on the safe side as all of them I have tried turned out fantastic!

If you are asking what a brinner is: the evening version of a brunch.

Everyday chocolate cake with cocoa frosting.

Everyday chocolate cake with cocoa frosting.

In a eye blink May is here, we are having five days of rest, hubby is away with some friends and I have planned the most perfect time inviting some friends with their son for dinner ( Irish dinner, all the recipes taken from the books of Paul Hollywood: I have almost all of them, I did many of the dishes and they always came out great), then having a Fridayโ€™s night out with my best friend testing some cocktail bars and a restaurant.

All will end with a big rugby tournament on sunday.

Spring onion & red chili cornbread.

Spring onion & red chili cornbread.

As often when the daylight starts to stay longer I have problems falling asleep: at midnight I could easily do any kind of chore or spend time with mobile or tvโ€ฆ

Tonight, not knowing what to do while all the other family members were asleep, I checked the WordPress app for mobile; I have it on my phone but never really looked at it, I dedided to give a try writing a post.

I can say what you can do from mobile is just a small part of what I usually do to complete a post: no way to insert recipe box, no way to write the recipe but at least I can write the post and I can feel productive even when I am in bed. ๐Ÿ˜€

Za’leti, typical Venetian cornmeal cookies.

Za'leti, typical Venetian cornmeal cookies.


I spent a lot of time baking lately.

I will never be able to make all the baking recipes I have on my many, many books but at least I can give a try with the recipes I find on cookbooks I receive from lovely friends! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a dear friend near Venice, she is called Sara and she is such a strong but delicate human being; few years ago she sent me an illustrated cookbook about Venetian cooking, filled with traditional recipes and anecdotes and watercolors designs, I really wanted to do something taken from this book.