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Orange sauteed carrots.

Orange sauteed carrots.


This recipe is slightly different from others you can find on blog.

Or at least photos are different: this is because the recipe has been done for a partnership with a famous pots and pans Italian Brand called Moneta and its pan collection Pantone inspired and a supermarket chain.

I’ve been asked to choose a color from some Pantone shades, I’ve always loved blue and I had to enhance this color and I decided to use its complementary color, orange.

Spiced apfelmus, German apple sauce.

Spiced apfelmus, German apple sauce.

Many of you probably already know apfelmus, the classic German apple mousse: I love it a lot with kaiserschmarren but it’s ok on bread, with biscuits, alone ( I call it spoon mode).

If you go North here in Italy you can find apfelmus in stores but here where I am is not so easy to find ( but not impossible as Lidl, which is a German flag, is almost everywhere).

I decided to give a try with homemade apple sauce because…

Baked apples.

 Baked apples.

Holidays ended at last.

Nothing more to say, I think you all know what I mean.

Christmas tree back into its box, no more panettone in the house, Lorenzo back to school.

It has been nice, I can’t say anything bad about my holidays, I rested a lot and watched Netflix so much I’m going to be the next majority owner.

Kartoffelsalat bayrisch, Bavarian potato salad.

Kartoffelsalat bayrisch, Bavarian potato salad.

If this year I’m going to Ljubljana, last year I was in Munich; it wasn’t my first time there, Munich is quite popular place for Italians, but going there with my friend Elisabetta, a deep lover of Germany and Bavaria was a completely different thing.

I discovered lovely German place where to eat, I could wander around Viktualienmarkt, I could see any shop and any gourmet place around.

Chickpea’s flour gluten free crêpes.

Chickpea's flour gluten free crêpes.

 I never throw food away, if it happens is because what I’ve done is awful beyond any possibility to save it or eat it: it seldom occurs but it can happen.

Lately I’ve done some zucchini and fresh cheese patties taken from a magazine which, once baked, were slimy and smelled so bad I had to put everything in the trash can.

I want spend some words on all the recipes I’ve taken through the years from magazines, even high level magazines, which turned out epic fails.

I remember a chocolate and coffee cake good only for walls’ building.