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Salty Lady’s Kisses ( salty almond sandwich cookies).

Salty Lady's Kisses ( salty almond sandwich cookies).

Back to the usual routine after Christmas: no, no, no.

I don’t want to come back to work, do you?

I don’t want to start dieting again, I don’t want to start biking again, I want to keep on waking up at 10 a.m., having fun at restaurants, receiving nice things for the new home. 😛

How did you spend your holidays?

Did you make and receive nice gift?

I mainly received beer, wine and linen for the new home plus lot of joy for being with all my beloved ones.

Tuna and potado patties.

Tuna and potado patties.

I posted a patties recipe just a week ago but I’m here again with another kind because…

Because I love patties, meatballs and similar preparations: they are easy, you can feed a crowd with them, you can often prepare them in advance.

I made these tuna and potado patties for a nice collaboration with a big brand of supermarket called ” La grande I”, this is the supermarket I attend when I’m in Rimini, the one my parents in law always attend for the big grocery shopping.

Healthy pumpkin and ricotta savoury cakes.

Healthy pumpkin and ricotta savoury cakes.

I usually start my posts writing the Italian one, not today as today I’m writing for a special occasion, the first #IFBCX recipe exchange.

What is IFBCX?

It’s the official hashtag for International Food Blogger Cooperative Facebook Group.

A place where food bloggers from all over the world can cooperate, learn, share.

To know better each other I suggested a recipe exchange similar to the one I usually do with Bloggalline ( Italian food bloggers group).

Many joined it, even if not so many I’m used to with Bloggalline, I’m so happy and I had the chance to surf a very beautiful blog, Dani’s cookings, written by Daniela from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Kale chips ( or crunchy bat’s wings for Halloween).

kale chips

I know, kale chips are a thing at least since 2012, there is no vegan/ healthy/ fitness blog without this recipe on.

Kale is not a common cabbage at home, my mum did these chips for the first time some weeks ago and we all loved them.

I, so, arrive late, really late but I think they could be a great ” scary” alternative for you Halloween party as they pretty remember of bat’s wings.

We all know on 31th October every adult and every child eats a bunch of sweet and savoury junkies, giving a different treats could be a nice idea for the most food upstanding people, intolerants, vegetarians or vegans.

Dutch piadina turnovers.

cassoni olandesi

Dutch piadina turnovers.

I’ve found the time to add another flag on the map of my “turnovers world tour “.

Maybe you remember the American ones or the French ones, all of them are made with piadina dough plus a filling which remembers the chosen country.

This time I had hemp flour at home: thinking about hemp then about drug is a very short step: you have to know that hemp has a long tradition in Romagna area too, in the past almost all the fabrics in Romagna were made with hemp.