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Bacon, peach and blue cheese salad.

Bacon, peach and blue cheese salad.

There are few things I hate more than long summer week ends at home, I count hours till monday and I keep myself busy with houseworks I can’t stand like refrigerator cleaning and defrosting, pantry  cleaning and organizing.

I had the great idea to trim some of the chili plants I have on my balcony, I cut the dry hot lemon chilis from the plant, I deseeded them to keep seeds then, of course, I washed my hands carefully: after a day and half if I touch my tongue with a finger I can still taste a great spiciness.

Sparkling water carrots.

Sparkling water carrots.

Sparkling water carrots.

I devoted the last two days to cooking something new for the blog, I need some good things to post in the next days as I will be very busy preparing 6 new recipes for a partnership I’ve accepted.

I’m always very happy when someone trusts me enough to offer me a work on a product: this time it’s something special as I can say I grew up with it and it’s part of my DNA.

I can’t say anything more that this but within few months you’ll learn what I’m working on.

I can only say hubby will have to taste something outside his dieting plan.

I cooked only easy and healthy things for the blog posts, food that is part of our weekly meals, nothing here is non tested or “fake”!

The first time I’ve tried those carrots I was at my mum’s; on the web you can find a lot of recipes about sparkling water carrots so I don’t know if there an “original recipe” that worth a mention, I added some spices and herbs to enhance the flavour.

The peculiarity of those carrots is a creamy texture, it could be highlighted adding a spoon of sugar few minutes before the end of cooking.

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Sparkling water carrots.
  1. Cut the carrots in not too thick rounds.
  2. Heat oil (or butter) in a pan and sautee carrots with ginger for few minutes.
  3. Add sparkling water, cover the pan and cook on low fire untill the water is fully evaporated.
  4. If, when water is totally dissolved, the carrots are still hard, just add some water and continue cooking.
  5. Few minutes before the end of cooking add salt, pepper and thyme leaves.

Sparkling water carrots.


Red lentils’ dhal.

Red lentils' dhal.

As you can imagine I love cooking very much but cooking also mean eating.

We’re not exactly a family of “I eat whatever I want and I stay fit” so I spend a lot of time searching and trying healthy and low calories foods.

I bake and I prepare the most lustful dishes only on week end we’re at home: it’s not easy, in order to be a productive blogger, offer light foods that are also tasty and with a photographic appeal but this dhal wins because it’s easy, delightful and because the photos turned out quite well and this usually makes me love a recipe even more!