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Healthy pumpkin and ricotta savoury cakes.

Healthy pumpkin and ricotta savoury cakes.

I usually start my posts writing the Italian one, not today as today I’m writing for a special occasion, the first #IFBCX recipe exchange.

What is IFBCX?

It’s the official hashtag for International Food Blogger Cooperative Facebook Group.

A place where food bloggers from all over the world can cooperate, learn, share.

To know better each other I suggested a recipe exchange similar to the one I usually do with Bloggalline ( Italian food bloggers group).

Many joined it, even if not so many I’m used to with Bloggalline, I’m so happy and I had the chance to surf a very beautiful blog, Dani’s cookings, written by Daniela from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Kale chips ( or crunchy bat’s wings for Halloween).

kale chips

I know, kale chips are a thing at least since 2012, there is no vegan/ healthy/ fitness blog without this recipe on.

Kale is not a common cabbage at home, my mum did these chips for the first time some weeks ago and we all loved them.

I, so, arrive late, really late but I think they could be a great ” scary” alternative for you Halloween party as they pretty remember of bat’s wings.

We all know on 31th October every adult and every child eats a bunch of sweet and savoury junkies, giving a different treats could be a nice idea for the most food upstanding people, intolerants, vegetarians or vegans.

Piadina turnovers with German filling.

Piadina turnovers with German filling.

I’m back after a long iatus, I had things to do, end of the school parties, work, hot weather struggle…

I don’t know if you remember my project about piadina turnovers filled with fillings inspired to different countries.

I did the Icelandic ones, the French ones, the English ones, I’m working on Dutch ones and today I’m posting here the German turnovers.

I made a big big mistake as you can see in photos: I had to make and shoot four different recipes, I was in a hurry and I took the wrong flags to decorate the photos.

Legumes cream with caprino cheese, salmon and chives.

Legumes cream with caprino cheese, salmon and chives.

With this recipe I attend a recipe contest organized by a lovely brand of preserved vegetables, the contest and all the recipes are in Italian but as I did here I want to translate at least the recipe for you.

I wanted to do something easy but tasty, something you can take with you in a jar when you wander around for a spring pic-nic or garden party.

I adore beans, chickpeas and legumes, they often come in wintery foods but I wanted to give this dish a spring flair.

I’m posting quick posts lately but I’m quite busy with work, sponsored posts, Lorenzo’s therapy and more: please forgive my hurry and enjoy the recipe!