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Baked apples.

 Baked apples.

Holidays ended at last.

Nothing more to say, I think you all know what I mean.

Christmas tree back into its box, no more panettone in the house, Lorenzo back to school.

It has been nice, I can’t say anything bad about my holidays, I rested a lot and watched Netflix so much I’m going to be the next majority owner.

Yogurt blancmange with fruit compote.

Yogurt blancmange with fruit compote.

August is the month we usually consecrate to holidays: it’s the month of relax, rest, so I’ll be far from pc for a while.

This year I have this brand new blog and I feel the need to add more contents so I’m planning some posts in advance.

My son is having great time at his grandparents in Rimini and I have some more spare time than usual so I’m writing a little and when you’ll read this I will be…

Maybe reading, maybe sleeping, maybe swimming in a warm pool; I will check the blog and the web for sure but I have to dedicate my days to things I casted aside during the year and to people never ignored but who deserve now all my care.

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