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Spiced apfelmus, German apple sauce.

Spiced apfelmus, German apple sauce.

Many of you probably already know apfelmus, the classic German apple mousse: I love it a lot with kaiserschmarren but it’s ok on bread, with biscuits, alone ( I call it spoon mode).

If you go North here in Italy you can find apfelmus in stores but here where I am is not so easy to find ( but not impossible as Lidl, which is a German flag, is almost everywhere).

I decided to give a try with homemade apple sauce because…

Homemade coffee liquor.

 Homemade coffee liquor.

Lessa than 10 days to Christmas, we are near!

Days are filled up with meetings, greetings, school recitals, people hurry up every day more to buy something last minute whether is food or presents.

I have to bake rakes of cookies, both sweet and salty, me and mum have to put together lasagne so I have to make my Bolognese sauce ( we call it ragù alla bolognese) and I thought I should post that recipe too so, between a bake and a sauce, just because I’m home alone with Lorenzo for the whole week end, I’ll shoot and shoot and shoot.

Eggnog liquor.

Eggnog liquor.

First Christmas recipe here on blog, it’s only 5 of December and I’m feeling already late.

This eggnog liquor is an home classic, I make it every year, some for us and some to give as a present to friends and relatives.

This liquor has the great advantage of being ready to drink, no need to wait for weeks or months so you can do it last minute.

It’s great cold but try to warm it up and maybe to pour it on some sweets like apple pie.

Herbal salt Bolognese style.

herbal salt

Herbal salt is a traditional Bolognese recipe that gives your dishes a great smell and taste.

From roasted chicken to vegetables, from tomato sauce to fish you can always have a great seasoning.

Here you can find it in every shop but I love to make it by myself when summer comes and sage and rosemary are at their best; sea salt preserves herbs from spoil so it can last months if you keep it in an airtight container.

Quantity of herbs and spices may vary, I now know how to measure everything by handfuls but I tried to write down the right measures for 35 oz. salt.

In the past mortars or even stones were used to crush salt and herbs but now we have the great luxury of powerful mixers; they’re great but they can heat what they’re grinding and it can change smell and taste.

I use a method that mix tradition and modern appliances, more info into the recipe card.


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Herbal salt Bolognese style.
  1. In a mortar grind the herbs, garlic and black pepper with a couple spoons of salt.
  2. When well minced add this to a mixer with the rest of the salt and pulse for some seconds untill everything is well blended.
  3. Salt will not end up finely grinded but it's ok as this preparation is mostly used on cooked dishes so the salt will melt.
Recipe Notes

Keep it in an airtight container, it will last for a year, just in time for next summer to come and give you more fresh herbs to do it all again!