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Holiday ideas: a foodie tour in Italy, Austria and Slovenia; fourth stop: Dürnstein, Austria.


We are so near to our summer holidays and I am still writing about the past ones: will I ever be break even with the posts?

Luckly this post is quite short because the place I am speaking about is very little and we stopped here a night only but we loved it so much we keep on thinking about organizing a trip the two of us only.

This because Dürnstein desn’t have a lot for children, even if a cruise on the Danube always has charm on everyone and the ” blue tower” is something children and adults can be impressed of.

Drunken chicken.

Drunken chicken.

 I’m back with the monthly recipe exchange, this time my partner is Susanna from “Lo scrigno delle bontà“.

Her blog is the biggest one I’ve been partnered with untill now, I’ve explored it far and wide and I still haven’t seen all the recipes.

With all those good dishes I had a big indecision, at first I was ready to try a beer panna cotta, then I opted for a pasta e fagioli but at the very end I gave a chance to her braised chicken.

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