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Where to eat in Lamai ( Koh Samui).

ph. from samuiweb.it

A slightly different post from my usual ones to strike back after the holidays.

You know, I usually post long reviews about restaurants, I try to put in them every detail I remember and I find useful; it’s a long work and I love to do it at my best.

In the past days in Thailand we went to restaurant every single day, trying to change as often as possible: it’s our fifth time in Lamai and we now have a pretty nice knowledge of the places around plus we discovered something new this time.

Veratti restaurant, Crespellano (Bo).

Veratti restaurant, Crespellano (Bo).

After a long hiatus due to a child not the right age to bear long dinners out in the past few months we started again to hang out at restaurants around Bologna.

With or without Lorenzo we’re back in town and today I’m telling you about a new discovery, Veratti restaurant, the kind of discovery that makes you happy a lot.

The chef is very young and gifted, he had important work experiences home and abroad and he started his own restaurant lately.

I think it’s fair to support him in this adventure, I could say, as usual, I don’t have any personal gain when I write about a place but hey, a place near home where you can eat at very high levels…

I should say it’s a personal gain.

Legoland Germany: an useful guide.


 Legoland Germany: an useful guide.

Theme parks are always a wonderful experience for children and an incredible occasion of devastation for


My son is 5 and he has an extreme crush for Legos and the nearest Legoland park, the one in Gunzburg,

Germany has been an obliged mile stone for us.

We went twice on the same year to capitalize our annula passes ( WHICH ARE PERSONAL, WITH PHOTOS AND NOT

TRANSFERABLE) we did the first time we went because, if you think to enter the park for two days, with a

little addition you can buy tickets that last 365 days.