Carbonara breadsticks.

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Carbonara breadsticks.
  1. Dissolve sourdough and baking soda in water with a fork or a hand blender, let it rest 10 minutes then add oil and half the flour.
  2. Knead by hand or with a kneader then add the other half of flour, salt and the grated cheese. Knead well untill you have a smooth loaf.
  3. Let it rest 20-30 minutes then cut it in two and spread one part with a rollpin shaping it like a rectangle.
  4. In a bowl mix egg with a spoon of milk, bacon and cheese, add pepper to taste. Brush the mix on the dough, fold the rectangle to cover the brushed part then spread with a rollpin. Brush mixture again then fold and spread one more time.
  5. Cut stripes about 1/2 inch large then twirl each one and put on a baking sheet. Do the same with the rest of the dough.
  6. Bake breadsticks at 390°F untill golden.
Recipe Notes

You can store them in a paper bag for many days, if needed, before serving, warm them in the oven for few minutes.

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