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    7 Settembre 2016

    Hi Team,

    My name is Maria and I work for multiple SEO Agencies. I’m getting in touch with you regarding guest post collaboration with your site
    I’m currently representing Food/Lifestyle niche client who is interested in posting an article on your website as a guest post.

    We will write a high quality article that is-
    – 100% original
    – Well written
    – SEO/Link building orientated
    – Relevant to your audience

    If you accept sponsored or guest Post on your site, please let me know price for publishing a post on site. I am also looking for sidebar links if you do offer. Likewise we are open to all kind of advertising opportunities.

    I have another client related to casino/gambling & I think he may also be interested in publishing post on your site, if you are accepting such posts. Let me know if you do accept casino links from the article.

    Also if you have published any post for your client in past, please mention URL of that post, that will help us to check how our post will lookalike and help us making better decision.

    Please let me know if you are interested. I’m more than willing to discuss further details with you.

    Maria / Blogger Outreaching Service | Email:

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